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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Badalona October 5th 2018

Day 1 - Barcelona a city with history dating back to centuries B.C., a beach-like atmosphere, Mediterranean breeze and incredible food to match. No doubt, Barcelona has something for everyone. Great attraction to see, the selection of Tapas bars the city has to offer and of course the famous Spanish ham. 10//5/18 - We arrived in Barcelona around noon, it took us an hour and a half between immigration and taxi ride to get to the hotel. After a few hours rest, we headed out to start our adventure. First stop was the La Boqueria (Market) were we enjoyed the smell and atmosphere of the city. Lots to see, reminded us of the market places back home. Loved it! We toured the streets of La Rambla and headed towards Ciutat Comtal a busy tapas bar highly ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Badalona June 17th 2018

Sagrida Familia. (Sacred Family) This masterpiece of Antonio Gaudi began in his lifetime and may be completed in 2026. When asked, Gaudi acknowledged that it would not be finished in his lifetime but in God’s own time. The Basilica covers an entire city block and those working on it today are still following Gaudi’s vision. Every tower, every pillar, every statue and embellishment has meaning. I spent about four hours here and still had not seen all there was to see. My only disappointment was being turned away from going to the top of the Nativity Tower, I had brought my cane, just in case, and that was enough for them to turn me back. Though you can take an elevator to the top, you have to navigate a spiral staircase to get down. I understand ... read more
Nativity Facade
Nativity Facade
The Passion Facade

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Badalona April 18th 2018

We started the day with an early morning visit to Casa Battlo beginning at 8:30. The museum doesn’t really open until 10 which meant we had over an hour to wander with our audio guides while the building was pretty much empty. This made a huge difference. The audio tour included a virtual reality tour on the device that showed the rooms with furniture, so you could see what the residence looked like. The house is built around a center stairwell that is open at the top to let in light and air. The tour explained that Gaudi had used increasingly darkened blue tiles as he went up since it is brighter at the top than at the bottom the color gradation compensated for the light, so the color looks uniform from top to bottom…and it ... read more
Casa Battlo
Casa Battlo1
Casa Battlo2

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Badalona July 10th 2012

Alright. I had just typed up a whole big blog and then the internet shut down for no reason. So frustrating! Letś try this again... We are currently in Badalona, Barcelona, a somewhat smaller fishing town just outside of the city. We have spent about 4 or 5 days here in Barcelona so far - the days are all blending together so I apologize. Our first night we stayed in a hostel off of the main street in the city, La Ramblas. We were desperate for a place to stay, so we just picked this place because it was the cheapest and it got quite a lot of good reviews. Well, our experience there was not so great. After waiting ages to check in, we went up to our room only to be greeted by a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Badalona May 23rd 2011

Another update of photos. These are from our trip to Parc Guell, a two hour walk around a park full of Gaudi pieces. Day started out a bit rushed so we were not in the best of moods. Dans had an excessive runny nose so has been finding it hard to enjoy looking at things and blowing his nose constantly. Today is a day off, we need to stop and recharge for a day. Enjoy the pics.... read more
Vine Corridor

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