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Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Segovia August 8th 2019

After failing to decipher the mysteries of Segovian eating times last night, I enter the breakfast room at about what I would consider to be a normal breakfast time having no idea what to expect. There are people here eating breakfast, but if they’re staying at a hotel they’re probably not Segovians, so I’m really no closer to solving the mystery. Issy is a bit tired after a long day of travelling yesterday so I set off on my own for the Cathedral. As we saw last night, it is an absolutely massive and spectacular structure that towers over the main square and the rest of the town. I arrive just in time for a tour of the belltower. I’m told that the tour will be in Spanish, which is fine because I’m now an expert ... read more
The streets of Segovia
Segovia Cathedral from the belltower
View from the Segovia Cathedral belltower

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Segovia August 7th 2019

The 4am alarm disturbs our peaceful sleep, and we awake to prepare for a long day of travelling to Segovia in Spain. The man who checks our luggage in at the airport tells us that he has checked it right through to Australia, and we can pick it up when we get there. He then looks up to see our rather worried looks and quickly corrects himself. He says that his body is at work but his brain is still in bed, and that work at this time of the morning should be “illegal”. Our flight to Milan is nearly empty, so the doors close quickly and we start taxiing well before the scheduled departure time. An old lady in the row in front of us turns to us and asks “Milano, Milano?”. A flight to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León April 16th 2019

The week of touring ahead was looking far better in the weather stakes, that perhaps we need not obsess like before over weather apps. Saturday morning breakfast at the Ibis would definitely sustain us. Stretching our departure out to midday, we used the late breakfast times to squeeze in a visit to that P2 has belatedly discovered; the famous El Cielo de Salamanca We’d been at that site a day earlier and never ventured into the darkened side room, with a ceiling impeccably painted from the 1400s in a mix of all colours and including much astrological symbolism. Respecting the ‘no photos’ rule, we just stood, heads craned to the sky, and drunk it in. Last minute bike checks and balanced repacking took the usual extra time. Finally, off we went. Negotiation of the multi roundabout ... read more
To Valdemolinos

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Burgos April 12th 2019

Kindly our Burgos host let us leave our gear whilst we scooted off for a few days of exploration before returning later in the week. Forecasting a mix of snow, rain, wind, cloud, sun and thunderstorms, we’re feeling more than a little intrepid and quite at home! The night-before-research into this three day jaunt first had an 80km path, that crossed several B roads and then entered La Rioja province on the LR113. Zero degrees at 8am upon sunrise was likely to put our departures back, to comfortably ride. So with the big back pack packing out of the way and panniers loaded up, we finally set off at 11, with energy to burn. Navigating out of town was trying, but soon we’d gone off piste, not quite as planned, trying to cut some distance on ... read more
They may be MTB, but ....
Off road, unexpected, to Canales
Rain ....

Europe » Spain » Castile & León April 6th 2019

It was time to move on. But we’d missed a few visits near Girona we’d not known until now. Trust me to find some shortcuts or backroads just as we leave. The Poblat Iberic of Kerunta in Sant Julia de Ramis is a smaller version of Ullastret, an Iberic settlement right beside the Sant Metges church. That little chapel on the cliff overlooking the river Ter had always caught our eye, riding in on the Celrà to Campdora C road. P2 had suspected something else was there but this was a late (and freely accessible) discovery worth riding steeply uphill for. Communities province-wide built themselves on hilltops and hillocks, and from Kerunta, all directions were visible; to the coast, the mountain, and lower Girona valley. Without the wind, and a good five to ten degrees warmer, ... read more
Sorolla Museum, Madrid

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Valladolid March 15th 2019

Tag 7 – Paradieso de Burro & Nachtzug nach Lissabon Heute frühstückten wir wieder um neun. Statt Porridge gab es Birchermüsli mit Joghurt und Mango, yummi. :p Dann arbeiteten wir noch ein bisschen. Namid und Lonneke brachten mit dem Auto den alten Kühlschrank zum Schrottplatz in Bania de Onis. Ich stapelte derweil das Holz sortiert nac h trocken und frisch in den Schuppen, und sägte dann die Äste klein, die ich aus dem Wald geholt hatte. Namid pflanze Majoran, Dill und Pfeffer ins Beet. Danach übernahm er das Sägen, und ich schlug jeweils vier Hölzer in die Ecken der neu angelegten Beete und spannte Band als Begrenzung herum. Das war gar nicht so einfach, weil die Katzen die ganze Zeit versuchten, mit dem Band zu spielen. Als ich damit fertig war, half ich Lonneke, die kurzen ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Ponferrada October 15th 2018

I ate pizza with Greg last night. He is straight forward and doesn’t want to mix with women on the Camino. They complicate his life. He values his independence. He never married, no children. Happy days. I’m sharing a room with Greg, 2 Germans, and 2 Koreans. Guess who I was drawn to; Greg. For starters, he’s the only one I can talk to, and he has led an interesting life, changed direction work wise, many times, and is interested in similar things as I am. Except Hawthorn Football Club; he doesn’t follow footy. We went to the local pizza place, had vegetarian, chock full of asparagus, artichokes, and the usual fillings you expect, and chatted for hours about the Camino, our lives, families, in a way that indicates that in a day or so, we’ll ... read more
The Knights Templar Castle, Ponferrada
Basilica de la Encine, Ponferrada
A Moonlight Stroll In Dull, Downtown Ponferrada

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Ponferrada October 14th 2018

Late yesterday I wandered the village of Foncebadón, and caught up with people I hadn’t seen for a few days. The German woman I walked to Fromista reappeared, and we considered a trip to the Cross that afternoon in order to avoid the rain tomorrow. Four kilometres round trip and it would be done. In hindsight it was a good plan, never executed. Dinner was at 7pm and I was seated with a young German named Michael, and Darryl from London. Darryl had that unique London accent that was a bit Arthur Dailey , if you know wot I mean like. His mother passed away a year ago, and his dad wanted to walk the Camino in her honour. He became ill, was never going to walk it, so Darryl offered to walk in his place; ... read more
The Storm Clouds Are Rolling In
Late Afternoon On Main Street
What A Difference 12Hours Makes.

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León » Valdepielago October 13th 2018

Where do you find a dentist in Astorga at 3am in the morning? I woke at 2.30 am this morning to loud pounding footsteps on a squeaky floor, and the slamming of our room door, compliments of an inconsiderate Australia returning from the bathroom. I listened to him, just before falling asleep, complaining that the food offered in Spain wasn’t the same as Australia; really! He needed his oats and toast for strength before heading out for the day, and he didn’t think it was too much to ask. What a national embarrassment. I never talk when Australians are around until I suss them out. You never know what you’re getting, and nationality’s seem to be drawn to each other. If I wanted to hang out with aussies, I’d have gone to Bondi. Anyway, when I ... read more
Don’t See This At Home
There Was A Lot Of This Today
Santa Catalina de Somoza

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Astorga October 12th 2018

I don’t know what day it is. I know it’s the 12th, but what day? No idea. I’ve lost track and no one I’m with can remember. The days just roll into each other and it’s hard to look back and pinpoint an occasion on a day. It seems to be a Camino thing and does discriminate with age or sex. It’s a public holiday in Astorga and the main square is crowded, noisy, and many people are dressed in period costumes; men carrying swords, women in colourful, puffy dresses, with bonnets on their heads. I’m having lunch with Anton and Jasper, two 19year old Swedes who have finished school and are having a break, before confronting reality and working out what comes next. The Camino is giving them plenty of reality. They are lively, sensible, ... read more
Dawn Over Hospital de Órbigo
Sunrise Over Hospital de Órbigo
Knights Templar Town Of Hospital de Órbigo

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