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May 5th 2012
Published: May 5th 2012
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My Salamanca!My Salamanca!My Salamanca!

Gorgeous in the Spring sun-right!
Thoughts to Jot: Well, I have now accomplished two amazing translation feats! The first being constructively arguing and navigating conflict resolution in Spanish (with Judith) and now, making a pass on my professor in Spanish! I managed to get Enrique (the hot Cultura class professor) alone for a “tutorial” (like office hours) to discuss tips on my trips around Spain. All seemed to be going well and the energy seemed right, so, I did as Judith instructed. Apparently, in order to make my interest in him clear, I needed to ask him “Quires tomar un cafe?” Translation: Want to grab a coffee with me? And, if he says yes, and joins me, good sign... Bless his heart, he agreed but let’s just say that at the end of the coffee date, it was very clear there was no interest on his end. (There is a theory of Judith’s friends on this matter-please see further on in the blog...) Alas, my attempts at flirting and being my most attractive self did not translate well or at all for that matter! But considering that flirting even in my own language is hard for me-I am quite proud of my attempt!

On another matter of love, I think I am falling in love with the countryside here. It is beautiful and very endearing. I cannot wait to rent a car and drive around to the neighboring ancient towns-so wonderful!

Sentiments: 1. WHOOHOO-there have now been at least two or three days when I did not use my umbrella. And I was even able to be in the sunshine for a bit on my morning run today!! 2. A shout out to the Dutch man who makes me an amazing chai tea every weekday after class-excellent at nursing a broken heart after I leave Enrique’s class 😊

Something of the Ridiculous: 1. I can no longer speak in English and I still cannot speak in Spanish. Somehow, my attempt at learning Spanish has caused me to forget English and how to spell in English! It literally takes me forever to write these blogs and my emails now because I make so many mistakes trying to communicate. I am in this moment in time, languageless!

Newish Words for the Day: Maricon (Gay). According to Judith’s male friends from Madrid, my Enrique must be gay. To them the formula is very simple: “a beautiful girl and a boy” naturally equals romance. They have deduced that since Enrique did not fall into alignment with this formula, he must be gay. Additionally, according to them, the fact that he does not like to go out to the bars on the weekends (a fact he shared with me while we were hanging out) also means he must be gay. Aaahhh, if only life were this ridiculously black and white...

Question: WHERE are all the handsome men in Spain? Judith warned me when I first arrived that the men here are not good looking. I thought this a likely exaggeration. WRONG. Aside from my handsome, possibly gay possibly not gay Enrique-there is no one handsome here. I promise. Oh-and remember the Spanish bombero (fireman), Antonio, that I had been told was so hot that I’d be introduced to? Oh dear! If this is the definition of hot men then I am in the wrong country! (I promise I am not being a jerk here-you would all agree!).

Note to Self: Drunk is the best way to walk home! Suddenly, the freezing cold air, the rain and the long distance is nothing! Rather, in my drunken imagination, I’m convinced it’s a scene out of some romantic movie! I mean how many times in my life will I get to walk home drunk in Spain???

On Today's Menu: Empanada con bacon y datil: it’s literally a thin pastry filled with bacon and dates-an absolutely perfect combination of sweet and salty! My new favorite tapa-LOVE it!

XOXO Sarah


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