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April 21st 2012
Published: April 21st 2012
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Thoughts to Jot: Life is now (knock on wood!) very peaceful and easy at Casa de Judith. Thanks again for all the positive thoughts sent my way! Loving the old men here-they love to flirt with the ladies and will gladly practice speaking Spanish with you. Also loving the 20 something year olds who ask around for me when they don't see me out at the bars every Thurs-Sat night-appreciate the recognition 😊 but seriously cannot keep up with that!!! Last time I went out with them we were out until 4:30 AM and that's still early... My age is truly showing!! Included some pictures of me and the 20 something year olds out at "los baros." Not loving my Spanish grammar class-flashbacks to high school math classes where I didn't understand a darn thing! I may have a Masters Degree and Clinical License but to save my life I cannot get this down! I have managed to fail all three of my grammar exams thus far-whoohoo!

Sentiments: 1. Feeling like I officially live here now!! I got my workout routine down. There's an awesome pool right by my house-though it's a bit like something out of the
Shots! Shots! Shots!Shots! Shots! Shots!Shots! Shots! Shots!

Feeling like I am 20 something too :)
Cold War era in its ambience. Not to mention the siren (literally) that goes off to let you know that you are now allowed to begin swimming... Also got my favorite cafe to study at-super trendy cool place with excellent, high quality wine and delicious tapas for 2 euro-WHHAAATTT!!!

Questions: Why is there a Dominos Pizza, Burger King and McDonald's here and NOT a Starbucks?? (Wait, I know the answer to that one but still it drives me nuts...).

Something of the Ridiculous: 1. There is LITERALLY a sport here for cutting ham: El Corte de Jamon. Yes-you heard me right. In my Cultura class-with HOT professor Enrique-we dedicated an entire class to this, watching a documentary about how they make their ham and the art of the sport El Corte de Jamon. Please, if you learn anything from this blog, I hope it's the fact that the Spaniards mean business about their ham! 2. And just so I don't forget this fact, even my clothes, which are line-dried, wreak of the smell of ham. It's that serious. 3. Watching Desperate Housewives, and a ton of other American imports, all in Spanish.

Challenges: THE RAIN!!!!!! It is driving me crazy!! And yes-I know-you Californians have had the most beautiful week ever. I am LITERALLY going out of town tomorrow to Segovia just for the sun. I checked the weather report and they are supposed to have sun there. I have been driven to chasing the sun around this country!

Note to Self: Watching Downton Abbey is an excellent way to pass the time when feeling homesick (yes-I am STILL feeling homesick!). I highly recommend the series 😊

Newish Words for the Day: 1. Extranos (all the international students). 2. La Chupeteria (where all the Extranos go for cheap shots before heading out to the other bars!).

On Today's Menu: A new obsession for their butter biscuit cookies smothered in their version of Nutella-VERY addicting!

XOXO Sarah


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