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Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia October 6th 2018

Today was the first unserviced long walk since I began. There was a small food outlet called the Oasis, but I just put the 50+ on my face, took off my vest, put on a hat, and kept walking. There were many people on the paths and I wanted to be sure of a bed in the Albergue Jacque de Mornay. I’ve stayed before and it’s preferable to the one you see as you enter the village. Optus kindly woke me at 2.15 am with a vibrating message to tell me I had sent a message. I thought it was my alarm and jumped out of bed to start the day. Thanks Optus. Yesterday I had a long hot bath, slept with no earplugs, and organised myself this morning with the casual abandon of a man ... read more
Dawn Looking Back To Carrión
The Meseta

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia » Carrion de los Condes October 5th 2018

Today is the last easy day before 3 solid days on the Meseta, concluding in an 18km walk into León. I’m in the Hostel Santiago, in the same room as 2 years ago, only alone. It’s bliss. I even have a bath. I walked out of the albergue today at 6.50, followed by 2 Taiwanese girls who intended on going 34kms. Goodbye and good luck. The prediction is for a hot day and the last 17 kms will have no villages and no shade. My 17kms started with an extended breakfast at a bar I knew opened at 6.30. The initially grumpy owner soon cheered up, and when he learnt I am Australian, went out the back to show me his toy koala and Australian coaster map. Very nice. He was chatty, gave me a gift ... read more
An Early Coffee And A Little Gift
My New Best Friend
Leaving Población Behind.

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia August 1st 2017

Sorry it took so long again but we have the same story. We have Alcobacal to leave Portugal and go back to Spain to a place called Plazencia. We made good progress in the beginning but next we were directed to it was called a Roman toad that connected us to the main road at a later time. Well it was a Roman road all right. Most was dirt with boulders of a passed road still laying around. We were in the never never. We also took a wrong turn and finished up at a dead end at a farmhouse. People there were looking out the window wondering what the hell this French car was doing at their place. Managed to turn around and found the right track that took us to the main road. Liz ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia » Carrion de los Condes October 7th 2016

We have arrived in Terradillos de Templarios after a long walk across the Meseta. No breakfast, or opportunity for food for the first 17kms; nuthin' ! The walk was along nice paths with little to see except stubble and some trees in the distance. I chatted to Koreans, Canadians, and avoided some loud Australians, as I walked along today . Not a phillipino to be seen. Step up to the mark folks; you know who I'm talking about ! Last Camino it was a sole Phillipino priest, very disappointing. My new boots are great and are the most comfortable Bestards I've ever worn; that's not a typo, they are Bestards. I won't go on too much today as the Internet is poor and I'm using what little is left of my own data. Dinner is here ... read more
More Rejects
Standard view today .

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia » Carrion de los Condes October 6th 2016

Well, this morning didn't go to plan. Last night we had a great meal of garlic soup and paella at the hotel as part of the Alburgue deal, and spent a funny night with 2 Italian sisters, 3 Germans, a strange Spanish woman, an irishman called Shaun, with us completing the set. Wine flowed freely and shots of the local grappa were supplied by the hotel. At about nine I decided to go to sort out my stuff, tape up my feet, and get an early night. I was about to jump into bed when I spotted the young German guy studying something on his blanket; bed bugs !! He caught it and killed it but it's not the last thing you need to see before bed. What can you do, just hope for the best. ... read more
Met this pilgrim in a village

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia » Carrion de los Condes September 12th 2015

12 September 2015, Saturday, Stage 18, Carrion de los Condes to Calzadila de las Cueza. GPS: 10.65 miles, Leave at 0920 arrive at 1420 after only 5 hours from Monasterio San Zoilo to Hostal Camino Real. 3 hours 31 minutes actually moving. Fitbit: miles 10.25, steps 23,466, stairs 7. The shortest stage and the road with the least bends, 12 kilometers straight across the Meseta. We eat breakfast at San Zoilo and head west. We bid farewell to Ariana and Heather as they plan to walk and then take a taxi back to Carrion and see other items of interest in the area. This is the day of the l-o-n-g, straight walk on an old Roman road, built more than 2,000 years ago with more than 100,000 tons of stone carried here from quarries to elevate ... read more
Overlooking the cloister from second floor, San Zoilo
The camino passes by this side wall.
Notice on wall giving credit to all the groups helping with the restoration

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia October 10th 2012

Route: Carrión de los Condes - Terradillos de los Templarios I passed halfway!! Now it is all down, in km that is. I am about 80 km from Leon. From there it is about 300km. Some 10-12 days.Last night I went to a mass specially for pelgrims. Very nice and with a personal blessing for all pilgrims. A nun gave us a present in the form of a colored star. Nice touch.Today was a somewhat boring day since there was no village for the first 17 km. I made myself a huge sandwich for the trip, ham tomatos and some olive oil. Great eating for under way.Flat terrain and a straight roads ... read more
A rainbow

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia » Carrion de los Condes October 9th 2012

Route: Boadilla del Camino - Carrión de los Condes A good day. Starting with a breakfast during which a table of people expressed their surprise (in a possitive way) about my age. Made me feel good. The first 3 hours we walked in the mist. Somewhat hummid but very pleasant. Flat terrain all the way. Walked a couple of hours with Alain, a french canadian who talks 70 minutes in an hour, but is entertaining. We met up with a new champion in walking. A Frenchman from Paris that looked like an hobo, who told us that he had been walking the last fifteen... yes, fifteen years, carrying all his belongings in something like a shopping cart. You really can not miss the guy. Before you see him, you can hear him. The wheels of his ... read more
Canal de Castilla
The canal

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia July 2nd 2012

I think I made a tactical error in skipping some days/ blogging my birthday date and then trying to catch up by writing about prior- later- and I have confused myself - so from now on am just going to write chronologically and if I repeat something/ use pics more than once I KNOW you will forgive me :-D We set off from Hontanos ( on 22nd April ) after a quick breakfast of Cafe con Leche and Toastados at an albergue that suppled food across the road ( ours didnt - not all do ) .... It was busy and squashy in there and I managed to get a seat by the door - that BLOCKED the door for people going in and out - lots of 'excuse me, sorry, excuse me' - and me ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Palencia October 12th 2010

Hey everyone, Slowly getting myself up to date with the blog... Two weeks ago I returned to Guardo to visit all my friends, former colleagues and students from last year and had an absolutely wonderful weekend. I caught an early bus from Santander on Friday morning and changed buses in Aguilar de Campoo, a town on the eastern edge of Palencia. I had about an hour and a half before catching the bus to Guardo so I spent the time walking around Aguilar. It's a small town with about the same population as Guardo but is much more attractive with a charming historic center. Up on a hill that overlooks the town there are the ruins of a castle and there is also a Romanesque church. When I arrived in Aguilar it was quite foggy out ... read more
Out in León

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