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August 1st 2017
Published: August 1st 2017
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Sorry it took so long again but we have the same story. We have Alcobacal to leave Portugal and go back to Spain to a place called Plazencia. We made good progress in the beginning but next we were directed to it was called a Roman toad that connected us to the main road at a later time. Well it was a Roman road all right. Most was dirt with boulders of a passed road still laying around. We were in the never never. We also took a wrong turn and finished up at a dead end at a farmhouse. People there were looking out the window wondering what the hell this French car was doing at their place. Managed to turn around and found the right track that took us to the main road. Liz had a sigh of relief when she saw more cars around her. We found a lovely little coffeehouse with a girl serving that spoke English. She showed on the map where we were. We arrived in Plazencia around 4 p.m. We had time to walk into the place and find a place to eat for later. Biggest problem in Portugal and Spain is they eat late. The places open up at 8 o'clock . Than Liz complains that she cannot sleep with a full stomach. Plazencia is a nice little place, I mean the old town. It has a cathedral from around the year 1100 but it was closed. On Mondays things are closed in Spain. When back the next day we were able to take some video and photos. There are some old walls showing that in earlier days it was a ringed city. A better place for that was Avila and as it was for the help of an agitated Spanish man we have been stuck in a garage. We had a docket from the hotel for the parking but it did not open the boom so when we stuck the docket in the boom stayed close. In a minimum of time lots of cars blowing horns were behind me. We had no idea what this Spanish man said into the help button but the boom opened and we were on the way to Avila. Not that far away. Arriving there early afternoon gave us the time to walk to this amazing ringed city that was taken back from the Moors by King

the wails are very thick
Alfonso no idea which one. We only stayed there for the night but were able to take video and photos. We took a cab back after the long walk we had done. We had a marvellous meal that night at a small Spanish restaurant for nearly no money. Next stop is Zaragoza just for the night we tell you about that later.

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the main gate

the walls of Avila

taken from the walls into the new city

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