Day 19 - Good Points and Bad Ones

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October 14th 2012
Published: October 14th 2012
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Route: León - San Martin del Camino

A day with good points and bad ones. After a good night sleep I felt well rested and walked without any diffilties with my feet. The road was boring, most of day I walked next to the highway and I had to pass some 5 km through León. The weather was overcast all day with a very strong headwind. Temperature in the low teens at best, although some warmer than yesterday. Except for the first kilometeres, I virtually walked the whole 25 km in the 6 hours, alone. Not all that great. As I said, only the first part walked with companion, a young German that I met while trying to find my way out of León. We walked some 1,5 hours together had lunch and we left separately. This is something very normal on the Camino. Some people take longer breaks than others. Later on we met up again and we are now staying at the same albergue, where I have my own room. What I did not mention is that I left León late and that probably is why I did not see many pilgrims. Here at the albergue I find a number of people that I have met in earlier days. I was pleased to re-encounter Alain (a French Canadian), who I had not seen since Carrión de los Condes, where he had some severe stomach problems.

Interesting today was to see underground houses built into a small hill. Something I have only seen in Norway before. I will post a picture on the blog. Kind of strange to see that people are living underground. You see their entrance door a small hill and a chimney coming out of the hill.A sign that I saw shortly before arriving in the worldtown of San Martin del Camino ( you guessed it,more letters in the name than inhabitants) expressed my sentiment for the last 10km of the day; the sign read "Celadilla 1,7". For those who do not believe me, I will post the foto on the blog. Tomorrow I hope to come to a bigger town, Astorga.

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16th October 2012

Camino Travellers too.
Hi, You are just ahead of us. We are currently in Mazarife and took a photo of exactly the same underground houses shown on your blog. I was googling to get info about the houses when your blog came up!! We are from Sydney in Australia and will follow your blog for any hints on things to see and places to stay. Buen Camino.
30th October 2012

Late answer
I hope you made it safely to Santiago. I must say, I found the Camino a great experience.

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