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May 4th 2010
Published: May 4th 2010
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River in Burgos
Damn this weather, it's almost as bad as Nevada! Last week I skipped class to go lay on the beach... and today it's raining and freezing! Oh well, off to the cafe for cafe con leche (essentially a tiny latte... but way better than anything Starbucks offers-which by the way I haven't had in 4+ months) y bombas con crema (a wonderful fried donut filled with custard) I guess... darn... haha
Last weekend USAC went on an overnight group field trip to the city of Burgos: we saw the cathedral (one of the 3 best in Spain) and went to an archeological site right outside of the city where the oldest human fossils in Europe were found like 10 years ago. We went out to tapas where I had my first blood sausage.... SWEET BABY JESUS SO DELICIOUS! We did a large chunk of El Camino de Santiago- the time for hiking it is right now so we passed many fellow peregrinos (pilgrims) to whom you're supposed to greet "buen camino" (good journey) as you pass. We met a group of older hikers who had a passport of the journey, where they get a stamp from each major town/city they hike

with my girls Kayla & Carrie
This weekend I went to an Basque artisan festival in a town not too far away with my host family. We walked around the ocean with some of their friends, had some beers and chatted. Yesterday we went out to pinxtos (aka "tapas" outside of the Basque Country) before seeing a ballet performance at an old theatre from the early 1900's. It was made up of different prof. dance companies around northern Spain and souther France-there was everything from contemporary to tap to classical to a group of girls with down syndrome which almost made me cry.
10 days left here... CRAZY. These next few weeks are full of presentations, final projects, essays, etc. Sadly, all great things must come to an end, it sure was an adventure though! The people I've met, the places I've seen, the things I've experienced, the perspective I've gained... all of these things have impacted me more than I can explain and have changed me for the better.
It's one of our friend's birthdays Friday, so we plan to have a big dinner with everyone and have one last weekend out on the town-gotta go out with a bang!

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Cool trees along the riverCool trees along the river
Cool trees along the river

looks like something out of Pan's Labyrinth


the concha (shell) is the symbol of the journey
Hiking groupHiking group
Hiking group

with a sign from the civil war behind us

descending into the valley

15th May 2010

niiiiiiiiice :)

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