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Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santillana del Mar September 2nd 2019

We’re off again, this time revisiting our Honeymoon exactly 25 years ago. Then we toured Paradors in Southern Spain, now we’re heading along the north coast from Bilboa to Santiago de Compostella - not quite the ancient pilgrims’ route (which went slightly further south), but along the Atlantic coast instead. We flew from Southend (great) to Bilboa on Ryanair. What a joke outfit... we declined paying for allocated, seats, got random seats, 10 rows apart and I end up with loads of room down the back and a spare seat beside me. Oh well the flight was fine and on time.... We arrived in rain, hired a decent car and drove 1 hour in the rain to Limpias in time for late supper the rain. Paradors are a state owned and run chain of hotels ... read more
Cathy enjoys a foie gras starter
Santillana- a picturesque village in the countryside
Santillana- medieval church

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander July 22nd 2019

Bonjour à tous, Aujourd'hui je n'avais pas les valises dans le coffre, mais sous les yeux. Vers 18h, une dizaine de coups de canon, du gros calibre, ça à vibré dans la chambre, à 20 heure pareil. Le temps est à l'orage, ça gronde, mais je n'ai pas vu de vigne, c'est donc pas pour la grêle, pour les ours??. Vers 22h lorsque je reviens de manger, sur la parking de l'hôtel, j'entends une sono très forte, ça coupe, ça recommence, et je me dis il va y avoir une fête bientôt, ils font des réglages. Le temps de finir le blog, de lire un peu, pas longtemps, je suis quand même fatigué de ma journée, j'éteins vers 11h15, et à 30 je suis presque dans mon premier sommeil, de nouveau ces coups de canon. Au ... read more
Palais Magdalena
praya Gulpiyuri

Europe » Spain » Cantabria July 3rd 2018

Vous l'aurez remarqué, le blog a pas mal de retard... L'internet ne suit pas... tout comme en France et mon problème de routeur français Orange, prend du temps à se régler... une fois que nous repasserons la frontière française, je pourrai à nouveau l'utiliser, peut-être sans modération ??? ...Nous n'y sommes pas encore. ! Ceci dit, notre voyage a déjà bien avancé et tout doucement nous allons rejoindre la Méditerranée... Pour ce faire il nous faut affronter des chaleurs très fortes... Sur la route nous avons parfois l'impression de nous trouver au milieu de rien, ou presque dans un désert où poussent tout de même oliviers et amandiers !!! De belles campagnes se dessinent avec en toile de fond de petites montagnes... L'Espagne a enfin supprimé le péage de pas mal d'autoroutes et lorsque nous devons ... read more
01 la côte Cantabrique
03 Au passage d'un village

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Potes May 22nd 2017

Hello again, We drove from Almeria to Calnegre and opted not to stay in a dusty field for €6 and wild camped on the beach. We spent the €6 next morning having breakfast in a local bar. The little village was quiet and we sat having a drink, a few feet away from the sea. The owners of the bar were taking down the sunshade closest to the beach and we thought it signalled stormy weather. No was the response “ we don’t have a licence for this and the council come to inspect tomorrow, then we will put it back!! “ Thursday we drove back to Casas Nuevas to find the house enclosed in security fencing and the garden walls demolished and all of the foundation work done for the pillars for the second floor. ... read more
Traditional architecture.........a nice little project!!
a little friend at El Berro
Yes Chris that is snow!!

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Cabezon de la Sal May 16th 2017

It is the second week of our journey and Mark and I are travelling on the Transcantábrico, a luxurious train journey of about 1000kms along Spain’s north coast between San Sebastián and Santiago de Compostella. Our train is currently taking us to our next destination and from the two windows opposite my sofa, I see a dense, green wooded landscape (lots of oak trees of various kinds and poplars too). The morning sun on Monday 15 May, is still low in the sky and the bell has just been rung for breakfast. This train journey began to be offered to tourists in 1983. The coaches were built in the late 1920s but the interiors contain reproduction period décor, think "Murder on the Orient Express". There are 27 of us; 13 couples and one woman. I have ... read more
Amigos neuvos
Dining à la train

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Comillas May 16th 2017

Well, after yesterdays victory comes with todays defeat. The slight discomfort I experienced yesterday with my shin splint has blossomed into a full blown searing pain with every step. I wrap the leg first thing in the AM, but its too late. Yesterdays pace wreaked havoc with the injury. I walk a few hundred yards, stop and try different or more wrapping to no avail. It's so painful I cannot enjoy or even think about the great weather and beautiful surroundings. I continue to limp, and drag my leg on. Making the progress of a sea slug. Uphill provides some relief, down hill is very painful, flat is less painful but still ugly. After 10K of painful progress I make it to a town, where I am determined to get a taxi to my next location. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander May 15th 2017

Santander is a large city on the water with a lot of cool stuff to see. It is by no means Bilbao, but it was nice to stay in a hotel with great amenities. The walk starts out of the City with clear marking's for the Camino. This 20K trek is to take 3 hrs 30 min, meaning the path is mostly on a road. True to form the Camino follows the city out to a roundabout where it abruptly starts up out of the town of Santander. The trek is very nice along the coast line with great vistas, the weather is perfect for walking 62-70 degrees with partly sunny skies. Kris is the meet me in Arce around lunch time which should around 1pm. The walk is typical of the area, with remote villages, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santillana del Mar May 15th 2017

Our B & B was terrific. Javier was so kind to drive al the way into Santandler and pick Kris up and bring her the B &B . Then he had his father take Kris to our hotel in Santtillana Del Mar. Me on the other hand, I have a 7 Hr. 30 min walk. The day is stunning, rain last night but cool sunny skies greet me. Our host drops me off at The Camino and I begin the trek. The scenery, weather, trail could not be better. Old country roads, no traffic, its perfect. Great day to be walking. Its always of interest to me the small things going on, spring begins, gardens, flowers, new birth abounds. You can only truly experience this by walking. What are they planting? What is already ripened, what ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santillana del Mar May 15th 2017

So we start with a 7am pick up for Kris, VERY disturbing to let her go. She has been so great to have along, so supportive and so willing to at least try all the new stuff being thrown at her. She is an educator, fills in every blanks, every day, as to what gonna happen. Not here, every day presents a challenge How the F___ do you get from A to B. Pack up your shit EVERY day have it ready by 8:30 sharp when the delivery service picks up you luggage. What are you going to wear? What is the weather? Where is the bus, train or taxi location? How do I get there? Whats it going to be like when I get there? My GF walked 135K to arrive here in Santillana Del ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Laredo May 14th 2017

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