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Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife April 18th 2015

Moja Trzylatka robiła dziś absolutnie wszystko, zeby wyprowadzić mnie z równowagi. A ja robiłam wszystko, zeby sie jej nie dać. Ciężka sprawa. Nauczyła sie mowić "sio", a nasza ukochana kreskówka Ben&Holly zapoznała ją ze słowem "wynocha", które nie wiem jakim cudem dostało sie do języka bajki dla dzieci, no i teraz testuje, co kiedy powiedzieć i co my na to. A ja nie wiem, co ja na to, rozdarta miedzy wsciekloscia ("jak ty do mńie mówisz gówniaro?"), smutkiem ("tyle pracy wychowawczej i wszystko na nic") i bezradnością ("zapomnij o bajce i ciachach !!!!") i miłością do mojej córeczki, która we wszystkich innych momentach jest perełeczką moją najsłodszą, mądrą taką, ale chwilowo uwiedzioną siłą słowa mówionego. Zmiana czasu spowodowała, ze o 19 jest juz nieprzytomna, a w ciagu dnia żadna siła nie można zmusić jej do drzemki. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife April 16th 2015

Po ostatnim pobycie ma Teneryfie zawstydził mnie mój własny Dziadek gdy spytał, czy pisałam bloga, a ja musiałam odpowiedzieć, ze nie! no bo jak z dwójka dzieci do ogarnięcia jeszcze znaleźć czas na bloga. Ale może jednak sie da? Utrudnieniem jest brak internetu w domu, ale może i na to coś sie da zaradzić. Chce opisać napad rabunkowy, który miał tu miejsce kilka tygodni temu i historia o nim zrobiła na mnie wielkie wrażenie. Otóż, w Hiszpanii i - okazuje sie - na świecie od Tokio przez Dubaj po Londyn - grasuje serbsko-chorwacko- czarnogórski rabunkowy gang Różowych Panter. A na Teneryfie (pewnie wszędzie na Kanarach) jest mnóstwo sklepów z luksusowymi zegarkami i bizuteria. Te dwa zjawiska przyciągają sie wzajemnie, wiec Pantery postanowiły i tu zapolować. Przez kilka tygodni niepostrzeżenie chodzili sobie wokół sklepu, robili zdjęcia przed ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife July 31st 2014

Well, i covered all island pretty much, some places just general look, some places more in detail. Hope, pictures will reflect beauty, interesting places, diversity, so words not needed :)... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife May 6th 2014

We are at home in Tenerife so would not normally write a blog for our day, but have had such a good day today we thought it was worthy of sharing our experience. Periodically, the Spanish community in our little village organise various social events. The themes are always very varied. This morning we are going on a visit / guided tour to P.I.R.S in Arico. This stands for Planta Industrial de Residuos Sólidos (Industrial solid waste plant). This is the large centre for recycling and waste processing centre for most of Tenerife. This tour is organised by the local community within Abades where we live. All the others on the tour were Spanish and German, so we fully appreciate that we will not understand everything that is said. We are committed recyclers so are sure ... read more
Lunch menu board
Lunch venue outdoor seating
After lunch entertainment

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife February 27th 2014

Our Travel Blog is on the go again for this large trip. Welcome back to all our readers and our new members and friends. We are off on our travels again, and have decided to restart population of our Travel Blog again. We are going in search of more sun, sea and relaxation after nine months of intensive DIY work at the Villa. We now have just one large bedroom left to complete. We are currently designing what we need and plan to commence this in early May. It will be looking very nice by June. For those that have helped us design this, and will be working on this project, thank you. 15/3/2014 - We have been without a good Internet connection so there has been a delay in publishing this. We have various photographs ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife February 6th 2014

Erik en ik werden vorig jaar uitgenodigd door Dieter en Jerina om mee op avontuur te gaan, zowel naar Tenerife als naar Gran Canaria. Ahwel hier volgen onze avonturen van Tenerife. Gran Canaria volgt later. Samen met Dieter en Jerina gingen ook Kris, An, Dennis, Sepp en Kristof mee. We waren dus zeker met een gemengd gezelschap. De doelen waren eveneens een beetje verschillend: boulderen of lengteklimmen, eventueel trad-klimmen. Maar eigenlijk vormde dat geen enkel probleem, beter zelfs, iedereen kon doen waar hij/zij zin in had. Het eiland Tenerife ligt midden in de groep Canarische eilanden. Daardoor was de natuur een ware tuin van Eden. Het woestijnachtige landschap stond vol diverse cactussen, 'prickely bush', een grote verscheidenheid aan bloemen en enorm veel valkjes. Zelfs verschillende steenarenden gezien, zwevend boven ons hoofd. Dit zie je niet elke ... read more
Mijn schatteke

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife June 7th 2013

Good morning from somewhere out on the Atlantic ocean. It is Friday the 07 June and is 08.30 in the morning. I have been up for about an hour and a half and have had breakfast and am currently sitting at the stern of the boat watching the wake stretching out behind us. It was a grey start but now the sun is just about to come out and it should be a very pleasant day. To regress a bit………Yesterday morning was a 5 am start and after good breakfast in the hotel I headed down to the harbor to take my place in the queue waiting to board. It was still dark but as we waited the sky lightened up and as we were boarding the night had turned to day…a grey sort of day. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife October 28th 2012

In a fit of desperation after an appaling British summer, it was necessary for both our mental health's sake to book a holiday somewhere sunny and warm. October is risky in the Mediterranean, so MC made the call: off the coast of Southern Morocco deep into the subtropics... the Canary Islands! With the islands' sterling reputation and our very extreme need for good weather, it is fair to say that we were pretty agitated when we landed in Tenerife and we saw the heavy, looming clouds. There was further agitation when a minor clerical error in our car hire booking cost us 100 euros. Fortunately our morale improved rapidly and irrevocably the most predictable way: with food! We had installed ourselves in an adorable "casa rural" in Granadilla de Abona in the south and set out ... read more
Our delightful food van
The top of Spain

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife August 8th 2012

On Monday, the tilting experiment took place. The name is a little misleading, but that is what it is called. It is a required test to measure the ship’s stability. On Sunday, there was an inspection to determine the weight off everything on ship including crew cabins. Then on Monday, all but 15 crew members were required to be off so the experiment could take place. Four buses were rented for us and we had a day at Parque Loro in Puerte de la Cruz which is about 40 minutes away on the northwest side of the island of Tenerife. In addition to the largest parrot collection in the world (so they claim), there were sea lion, dolphin and orca shows. I also saw meer cats, penguins, turtles and many other small animals (no lions or ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife August 8th 2012

Last Sunday, three friends and I went to the National Park of Tenerife. We took the local bus. There is only one going and returning each day. However, there are many tour buses. We left at 7:00 on bus 103 and headed for Puerto de la Cruz. From there were took bus 348 to the park. We arrived about 11:00. The road in the park is well paved, narrow, steep, and winding. There is a volcano at the center of the park with a cable car going part of the way up which we didn’t take. On the way to the higher elevation, we saw a forest of mostly pine trees. Don’t know how many needles or kind of pines because by the time we got to the park entrance, the terrain was desert again. There ... read more

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