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June 4th 2018
Published: July 4th 2018
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Here is how to begin stargazing; just look up at the sky at night. There is the Milky Way with its long arms and a huge assortment of constellations brightening the evening up.
What happens is much more complex than this. You get a feeling that takes over you. The world seems to stop and you feel completely at peace. Your worries and fears disappear and they give way to total relaxation. Only one word can best describe it... Magic.

This is not something you can get from a photograph. You can experience the magic for real on Mt. Teide in Tenerife.
Have a look at Tenerife Forum for some more interesting information about the stars.

Tenerife - Star of A Location

Clean air, a great altitude, and a good climate make this island the perfect place to stargaze. Tenerife has an excellent air quality that makes it perfect for professionals and amateurs across the globe. The island is also host to many events that give the public new understanding of things.
One great event is the Starmus Festival. This was first held in June 2011 and then September of 2014.

Astronomical Observatories

Tenerife is one of the world’s locations where astronomy observatories plan to install telescopes in the future. It is now dedicated to studying the sun and is host to the best telescopes from all of Europe. Observatory tours are available at no charge. Get an application from the website.

The Teide Observatory has a visitor centre which is made from an open, empty dome. It is outfitted for educational work. It is educational and informative for people of all ages which tells them the way telescopes work and why astronomy is so important.

To learn more, if you are interested, there are companies that specialise in star tourism. They offer guided tours with plenty of information. These companies play an important role in creating activities that visitors and residents alike can enjoy. These include gathering to watch Perseid meteors or viewing eclipses.

The Experience of Sunset and Stars

Plan to take part in a unique and marvelous experience with Tenerife’s Sunset and Stars events. This will bring you to a whole new level of astronomical awareness.

Imagine being over 12000 feet high on Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak. You look at the sunset from Pico Viejo with a glass of chilled wine from a local winery. You start relaxing and provided a delicious gourmet meal which features authentic Canarian meals which are made by Chef Erlantz Gorostiza, a Canary Island master who holds two Michelin Stars.

After dining on your delicious meal, you get to enjoy a few more sips of your wine and look up at the display of stars in the sky. The clouds are virtually at your fingertips and with the English-speaking guides and access to long-range telescopes, you get to explore the sky at night.

Sunset and Stars are organised by Volcano Teide. It is your opportunity to explore a unique adventure on a beautiful island, right under the stars.
You can also get some incredible daily photos from around the island on the Tenerife Forum Facebook page.


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