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March 15th 2019
Published: March 15th 2019
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My birthday Boy
Birthday weekend in the mountains for Hayden. We rented a cabin on Mountain Negro. About a 30min drive into the center of the island.
After some road closures and a nail-biting turn around on a very steep mountain hillside, we finally made it to Teror for lunch. A quaint little city with tons of character ..pretty much every city on the island.

We had a snack at one of the restaurants and some Pappas arrugadas (Canarian potatoes) before taking a tour of the town and looking for some groceries for the weekend.
We found a great little waffle shop our way out that we decided to celebrate with candles and all for Hayden, as we were not able to find the groceries we had hoped to find for his birthday dessert and breakfast.
Back on the road to the cabin..another 20 min or so up and around the mountain (stopped for a look outline the way) and finally arrived to meet our host. We were greeted by the nephew and of course Nala the house dog... (One of the main reasons Sean took this place, that and the acres of hiking on the property)

The cabin was so cute

Worouts on the beach
and felt like an authentic Swiss/German cottage. But boy it was cold...and the firewood didn't stay lit very long. Compared to the 20 degrees and sun we experienced in Las Palmas, 8 degrees fog and not a lot of sun sure felt cold - even to us Canadians.

Nala settled in with Sarah instantly (on the couch and on her bed) and she went on all the hikes with Hayden...even to the top of the mountain.
We explored the property each day and did a quick trip to the village the next day for something to see, but it was pretty gloomy out and didn't make for great hiking or sights as there was a lot of cloud coverage.
The next day we explored a bit more and then headed to a town called Firgas on our way home. There were some really cool features in this town...waterfalls in the sidewalks, a street lined with ceramic tiled chairs depicting the names of every city in Gran Canary. And another small street with a scaled model of each Canary Island in a portrait between the steps of the street. Pretty cool. We had hoped to take another hike here but time got away from us and we had to get back to the city to meet the next rental agency for our flat keys. So a quick walk around the city and then back to Las Palmas.

We settled into our new place and back to the grocery store for more food and wine! It seems the days are all about walking, working, working out and of course eating!! Not much different than home, with the exception of the warmer weather and beautiful scenery and water!!

Spent the week catching back up with Mel and Tom..working out in the beach most days as my membership elapsed at CrossFit. I did get in once more to watch Tom do 19.3 and I had to bench press of course.
Sean and Hayden took one morning to hiked the opposite side of the beach at Isleta. Lots of great views and climbing. ( I don't have those pictures sorry) The last couple days we tried to enjoy the beach (Sean and Sarah took a swim in the ocean) we watched the last few days of Carnaval (body painting show, parade and the finale Mourning of the Sardine).

The vibrant Carnaval colors have all faded away into shades of black. Black dresses, black fish nets, black boas, black veils. Tonight symbolizes the end of Carnaval and the death of our overindulgences, and we’re all dressed as widows mourning the procession of a giant paper-mâché sardine. After the long and irreverent procession, the mourners gather on the sands of Las Canteras beach, where the giant sardine is set afloat on the Atlantic, bobbing away into the horizon. Small fishing boats follow alongside and BOOM! The sardine is set alight with the crack and boom of fireworks in a spectacle that symbolizes the conclusion of Carnaval.

The fireworks were spectacular- 20 mins long and so manyyyyyy. They were so close that we would keep getting debris in our hair and eyes (yuck) But none the less what a sight being on the beach watching th Sardine burn away and the fireworks. Safety doesn't seem to even be an issue here, they are so laid of the things I think makes it so spectacular to live here.

We went to Woodie's for a farewell pizza and wine and had a nice dinner out with Tom and Mel.

It is hard to leave this place but I am sure the next adventure and location will be just as fun.
Adios Las Palmas....until the next time!

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Tom and Mel

The church in Terror

Cute house in Terror

Terror- cool guys on top of buildings( and canons)

Streets of Terror

Happy 18th Birthday Hayden

Almost at the top

Our weekend retreat

Birthday Beers

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