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July 9th 2007
Published: July 9th 2007
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Today was all hiking around the hills above San Sebastian and playing on the beach below. Couldn´t really ask for a better combination. We slept sort of late because it was raining and it felt like the thing to do. Since we went to sleep around ten, it was amazing that we could crash for that long. Our friendly little hostel owners gave us a hard time for making it an early night. ¨You are too young to sleep early!¨ the son and his mom sang together. They are forever talking to us; greeting us as we come in, telling us stories in the hallway, and asking us how our day has been so far.
We packed a croissant, cheese, and apple lunch and headed off to an area by the coast that looked worth exploring in all of its fortress-ruin and green-forested glory. The trail leading up to the top was amazing with little cobblestone trails with incredible views of the city and ocean. We met some skinny and shy wild cats sunbathing on the stone walls about halfway up. One was Siamese, one a Tabby, and there was a family of them nestled in the tree branches further away. We shared a bit of croissant and cheese with them (because that is what Spanish cats most enjoy for lunch) and they all got bolder and ventured out to dine and play.
At the top there was a castle/fortress (I´m not clear on the details as all the signs were in Spanish, but I do know that it was fantastic), with tons of doorways carved out of the walls leading to small curving staircases, random windows to peek out of, and walls to peer over.
After a couple of hours we made our way down, saw more kittens, and decided that they absolutely needed to implement a spay/neuter catch and release program here because we were out of food and none of the other hikers wanted to share there lunch.
We spent the rest of the afternoon lying out on the beach, until it got too chilly, and off we went to check out a Cathedral and take much needed showers. Tomorrow, we are going to try to check out the nature reserve before taking a sleeper train to Paris for a day. Then we are off to Switzerland!!

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10th July 2007

Jessie Leigh
Jessie Leigh, She's so FREEeee, la, la, etc; sorry I haven't been on in a few days, just a few minor distractions like the whole transmission breaking in my van and leaving me side-lined on the side of the road (arggggggg) , and teaching a group of wild routy 6,7,and 8 yr. olds to make fairy castles....TRUST ME, I'd rather be in GEORGOUS SPAIN seeing REAL castles and that crystal water and air and moss covered rocks ..I'm AMAZED that ya'll can get such pictures of everything- don't know which is better- the pictures or the fun stories (!!!) Jess Peanut you look GEORGOUs in your white peasant skirt- and molly manages to look fetching even upside-down in the 'supercrowded coach" --are ya'll traveling with the 'aussie girls'???? - remember, your fuddy duddy ole aunt says...'there's safety in numbers' and if you swim, make sure it's been 30 minutes since you ate....!!!!."----ant.s {well, ants will be ants, you know}

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