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August 8th 2005
Published: August 8th 2005
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Magaluf with the lads. Well what can I say about this place loads of cheap booze, lovely beaches and so so so many Brits it is untrue.

I cannot wait to get away to Thailand even more now, I met loads of people that had travelled so it was nice to talk to people that had experienced what I am going to and pass on a few hints.

I cannot tell you too much about local life scenery or local culture as it is what it is over there it was a booze fest, but there were some very nice excursions as part of the booze fest. I must recommend going to "Pirates" and we went on a Catamaran cruise which was really nice, very scenic.

I was a little drunk on most nights but the first three were the worst cannot remember alot at all remember kids "DRINKING IS BAD" for you.

One club that we visited is the biggest in Europe "BCM" huge club but the music was not really my thing but $23 Euros drink as much as you can and open from 12am till 6am what more do you want.

Shout outs to a few people we met over there

Nathan "De Niro"
Chris "Danny Dyer"
Robin from the Three Lions

Sophie Ridley "Congratulations"
Mel "Rock on Chick"
Kerry "Britney" Brodel
Jessica "Danger Nurse"

Next stop Taunton then Devon learning to surf will put up pics and diary then


10th August 2005

Grenn Tea.... ;-)
Drink green tea ...honest.. Hehe you got drunk instead ha? Hope yo have a good time and more to come in Thailand!
16th August 2005

brucy bruce
hey its deniro here, bruce respect for ur diary, takes alot to open up to all the world and share wot ur goin through

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