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May 7th 2019
Published: June 8th 2019
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It feels like only 5 minutes since my mum and dad left when i'm heading to the airport to pick up the next lot of visitors in the shape of my sister and her partner Brian. By the time they've got all their belongings (standing at the wrong belt for 20 minutes, doh) and then headed to the shops to pick up supplies its already lunchtime. They check into their apartment (which is actually lovely and i'm thinking maybe me and Greg could just squat there after they have checked out as it is so nice…) and we take them up to say hello to nacho before heading out to get some lunch. Brian has been saying for a while he is looking forward to taking the boy out whilst he is here, but I am a bit concerned about the fact we live at the top of a steep hill which might just be too much of a trek for these guys. They have assured me it will be fine, but as we drive up the hill and then walk back down it, I can see the expressions on their faces like “Maybe it's a bit steeper than we thought!” You won't be surprised to know we end up in one of the handful of places we've already frequented for lunch. Amanda has a moment when she shakes the mayonnaise bottle only to realise there is no lid on the bottom and she ends up covered in white creamy sauce, all over her neck, legs and top. Not the best start to the holiday but it gives us a laugh. These guys are knackered after getting up at 2am, so we leave them to have a wee spanish siesta and recharge before reconvening later on for cocktails.

I swear time does seem to speed up on your days off and before I even blink the time is already 7.30pm. We get ready and head out to meet the two of them and then take them along to Coco Bay for some cocktails to start off the holiday. Greg opts for a strawberry daquiri (unsurprisingly the cheapest option), Brian has a mojito, Amanda a pina colada and I have a martini pornstar. The PR guy also gives us a free round of shots so we're not complaining and we all end up a bit tipsy as we leave. And so the indecisiveness begins as we fail to make a decision about where to go for dinner. My colleague, on cue, sends me a message to recommend a place to eat that does a really decent set menu, so in for a penny we decide to head there, a place called Paco's. Apart from the packet soup as a starter, the main course of steak and chips is amazing. The steak is really good quality, not chewy at all, and the chips are homemade roasties which are absolutely fabulous. Amanda has the fillet beef stroganoff and also gives it the thumbs up. All for a tenner a head (inlcuding a bottle of wine between two so Greg is super happy. We are all full by the time we finish, but still find room for a cheeky dessert. Greg orders the whisky cake which is an icecream cake with a huge glug of whisky poured on top lol. Back down to coco bay for another round of cocktails and then home.

We don't get up super early today as it was a long day for everyone yesterday, plus I can't say any single one of us are really morning people! So we regroup at 11.30 and decide to head to Sineu market as I really enjoyed it the last time, and it will give Greg a chance to look for a birthday present for moi (when exactly did I get to be 38 by the way??). I like the fact the market has some other stalls than just the usual tat, and you can get some lovely, unique things if you look hard enough. The market finishes at 1pm so its a bit of a mad dash as we don't actually make it there until about half 12 but that doesn't stop us doing some power browsing down the aisles. I spot a lovely feather bracelet (my obsession over them has been getting steadily worse) and Amanda encourages me to buy it. I'm unsure whether to get it as I have a fleeting thought that maybe Greg might buy me something similar but it is so pretty…. Amanda reassures me that he would have to be pretty intuitive to buy me the exact same thing, so I end up buying it for myself as a treat. When we meet up with Greg 20 minutes later he looks mega chuffed with himself until I show him my little gift and his face drops. He's only gone and done what we laughed about and bought me the same bracelet! Well, at least we're on the same wave length! So I go back and change my bracelet for a ring instead.

We've booked to go to the Caves of Drach this afternoon at Amanda's request, so Greg suggests we head somewhere nearby for lunch instead of hanging about the market, as it is busy and more pricey. We end up in Port Cristiano, which also turns out to be pretty pricey! I mean, it is a lovely little port and you can't fault the views, but there is only about 5 restaurants and they are all above average price for a sandwich. Queue us walking around for half an hour before Greg once again puts his bargain hunting skills to good use and finds us a restaurant that is a few euros cheaper than the rest.

By now it's well after 3pm so we need to get a mosey on to the caves as the last entrance is at 5pm. Unfortunately speed is not really in my sister or Brian's vocabulary (well they are on holiday after all) and its more of a saunter across to the caves. One of the few things I remember about the caves is the little sign and stone stalagmite statue outside the entrance which, to my delight, is still there. Me and Amanda try to recreate a photo of us as kids posing in front of it, but its not quite as easy to mount a stone sculpture when your 38 as opposed to 8. I'm actually quite surprised at how big the queue is for this time of day as I had expected we'd have the place more to ourselves on a wednesday afternoon in the middle of may but clearly not. Entering the caves, we admire the stalagmites and stalagtites (one hangs down and one grows upwards but don't expect me to tell you which is which) and then the tour ends at an underground lake where a boat appears all lit up and with a few musicians playing classical music. For some reason I had it in my head that the whole caves light up as well as the water in time with the music, but this doesn't seem to be the case and i'm slightly disappointed. But the music is lovely if not a slight anti-climax to what I was expecting. We then catch a very short boat ride back to the entrance. It's great to see, especially if you've never seen anything like it before, but at 16 euros a ticket, its not cheap and i'm not sure if the price is really justified. A long car ride home and we all go our own way to relax for a bit before meeting up for dinner.

We had planned on going to Gusto Divino as I had a nice pizza there the last time, but I forgot it is shut on a wednesday. Theres no shortage of other places to try, but I really had it in my head I wanted pizza, and this is more complicated when you need to have gluten free. I begrudgingly check trip advisor (I prefer to make my own mind up and discover my own places) to see if there is anywhere else that does gluten free pizza. I'm delighted when Jackie's restaurant pops up as we have ate there before so know the food is good. And the gluten free pizzas get rave reviews so even better. Thankfully it doesn't disappoint and we leave happy chappies. We're working tomorrow so have to leave early, but feel very full and satisfied.

Even though Greg and I are working the rest of the week, we manage to meet up a few more times whilst the sister is here. Not least on my birthday when they very kindly cook us dinner at ours alongside a very delicious and moist chocolate birthday cake! We have a few hours free during the day so we head to Palma Nova for some mini golf as my birthday treat (it's not quite a jumbo fish finger from little chef but never mind). Greg's eyes nearly pop out of his head when he sees the price ("how much?!") but I appease him slightly when I tell him we get a residents discount so he isn't quite as upset. I start off really well and am in the lead on the first few holes, but then as usual I start to choke and end up finishing last! But the weather is great and it was good fun so I don't mind. There's a little pond at the end of the course which has loads of coi carp in it, and there's a machine you can buy fish food for a euro, so we while away ten minutes feeding the masses of fishes before heading for some lunch. We decide upon a place called Blackbeards in Magaluf as they do a good gluten free menu, plus we get a good workers discount on the food (yep, there's that magic word!). Amanda and I both have burgers which are always really delicious. And it makes my day to realise Graydo, a famous Scottish actor/wrestler is sitting at the table behind us. no one seems to notice (to be fair i don't think many people know who he is) and we ask him to get a photo taken which he agrees to. I get really star struck and shy and can't even get a sentence out! What a top guy.

We finish the week by meeting up for lunch (no mayonaise disasters today thankully, just one very hungover Brian) whilst they pap all of their leftover food from their apartment onto us (not that we are complaining). Another visit gone far too quickly! 😞


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