Colombia? Are you nuts?

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January 5th 2015
Published: January 13th 2015
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New Years Eve in Jamaica. 6hrs ahead Ibiza. Fireworks in San Antonio. Swimming in the Caribbean Sea for me
"Colombia? Estas muy loco? " said my Colombian born, now Spanish resident, taxi driver on the way from Madrid airport to my hotel for the night. " Es muy Pelligroso".

Arriving from Ibiza, where I now live and work as an English teacher, I asked him to take me to the Casa Bellvista hotel, as I had booked a hotel for one night before jetting off to Bogota in the morning. "It's very close to the airport" I told him showing him the address and name of hotel that I'd written down on a piece of paper.

"Never heard of it" was his reply. "Ni Hotel ni direccion"

I re-checked all my emails.

"Si, Hotel Casa Bellavista, Carrea 20 #12B" I said. "Ah -I read on... Bogota" ,This was the hostel I've booked when I land in Colombia, not Madrid. No wonder the poor chap was confused.

I found the correct booking, we were on our way but that was it. My driver, for the entire journey,which thankfully was only 10 minutes, wouldn't stop banging on about the death, murder, drugs and gerneral destruction I was to face. Muy muy peligrosso!!

I've got to admit

Out my pal Pat's bar. Suddy's Inn, Glengoffe, Freetown, St Catherine in the hills above Kingston. (Pat is the one kneeling)
though I'm starting to doubt my own sanity about travelling to Colombia. So many contrasting views and opinions. Some have raised a quiet eyebrow when I talk if my intentions. Others, who've been say it's the best country in South America. FARC, the guerrilla band who'd recently started a ceasefire whilst peace talks were being held in Havana, Cuba. That's a start I suppose but there is only one way to find out. Despite the taxi drivers mis-givings I'm on my way. A short stop in Kingston Jamaica is planned to visit an old friend over the new year and then I'm away. Leave behind a cold Europe. Travelling light. A cabin bag only. Few T shirts, pants, socks, a pair of trousers , shorts and flip flops, credit card and passport.


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