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May 24th 2017
Published: May 24th 2017
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The walk today was just plain long! Good weather, great temp, just long and with lots of assents and descents. The walk up Alto de la Cruz was a real burner almost 2,000ft, I keep thinking that I have got to get out of the mountains soon! How can it be that there seems to be no end to these ravines! Never have I seen this kind of topography in the United States. I am not in pain, the weather is good, so shut up and walk! Walk I did, after 6 hours I can finally see Gijon! Yes, 1-2 hours more should do it. As I close in on the town I pass what looks like some sort of Abby with a huge clock tower, and what looks like a church, need to investigate that. I walk straight to the beach, WOW, what a beautiful beach! Surfers, sun bathers, walkers all on the gorgeous stretch of sand. Shops, restaurants, churches, old buildings, what a great town. I am bushed so I just want to go to find my Hotel. Turns out its just 10 min. from the beach at the end of a huge park. The park is amazing, in the middle there is an Aviary with rare birds, many I have never seen before. So great to see so many bird friends in one place, amazing! There are peacocks roaming the park, squawking and spreading their tails. Too Cool. At the end of the park is a large pond with more aquatic birds, swans, ducks, geese, herons what a special place, and so close to a huge city. Better yet my digs are at the end of the pond! Sweet! The Hotel is off the chart, my room over looks the pond and entire park, with huge windows that open up and let nature and all its sound enter my room. What a nice reward after a long day! I shower get on some clean clothes and am determined to investigate the Abby. I check with reception, and find out it's a University, really? She tells me I can get a bus and get dropped off a 1/2 mile from the University. I am in, off to the bus stop I go. 2 minuets a bus shows up 6 min. later I am at the University. Crap, it took me 45 minuets to walk this distance 2 hours ago. The University is by far the most interesting building I have seen in Spain yet. I know nothing about what they study here, but I want to enroll! I tour the camps for 45 minuets and would like to see more but I need to rest another long day ahead. On the bus, and back to the hotel for a hot bath. Good day.


24th May 2017

this must be the university you texted me a picture of? Awesome! The girls would have loved to go bird watching with you and Auntie Kris over there. :-)
25th May 2017

The girls
I think of Marley and Aspen every day, there are so many things I think they would enjoy seeing. I know you plan to take them to Paris, Boyd won't like that, so it will probably be you and your sister. I think of all the places I have been, Gijon would be where I would take the girls. Awsome town!

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