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January 29th 2009
Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: 36.7197, -4.42003

Went to Starbuck's one last time for breakfast. It wasraining a bit this morning but not too much. It's been very nice that wehaven't had that much rain this trip.

Checked out of the hotel and started our drive out of town alittle after 10am. We were doing very well, but I turned one road too early andit took some time for us to reach the road out of town again ... but probablyonly a delay of a few minutes.

Zipped along without difficulties. No rain; some fog goingover the pass, but then clear and sunny in Malaga. Why is it always so nice when Iarrive and when I leave, but seldom when I'm there. That's probably nottrue but sometimes feels that way.

We had no trouble finding the airport so, even though wewere quite early before our flight, we returned the rental car then went intothe terminal. After checking on, we went in for lunch ... looked at the veryexpensive Burger King, then at the small cafeteria near it, then at the menufor the restaurant. Decided that the restaurant was by far the best deal. Satand enjoyed the linen table cloths, good food, good wine, friendly service (thewaiter kept helping me with my Spanish) and view of the hills around Malaga pasta carbonara was €7 (same price as the hamburger at Burger King); thebottle of wine was only a little more. Definitely the way to go in the Malaga airport.

The return flight was very crowded - too bad. But still, itis a relatively short flight, even with the bit of circling of Heathrow we hadto do.

No problems with bags, etc. We found the place for the HotelHoppa bus but didn't have enough £s at first (it's expensive: £4 per person oneway) but managed. Should have purchased the tickets in the airport as everyoneelse did; still, it all worked out.

Ate our sandwiches from the flight in the hotel, then wentdown for drinks at the hotel bar. The hotel is very "mod" - the bar is veryorange.

I watched telly (playing "where have I seen thatactor/actress before?"😉 then went to bed to sleep. Very quiet night,considering we're at a Heathrow airport.


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