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June 8th 2017
Published: June 8th 2017
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Day trip to Gibralter today.were advised to park at the border and walk in so we wouldn't have to queue. Very quickly through and onto a bus to the square....what a shock. We found it very builtup, with lots of highrise apartments, building going on and also a very long main street like any tired town of shops-all the same as uk!!! Luckily , the views from the rock, once we'd gone up on the cable car were absolutely spectacular!! There was some cloud whipping by but it didn't impede the stunning scenery and we could also make out North Africa which is only 8 miles away.
Below us the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship set sail and also we watched a large cargo ship being manoeuvred by four tugs.
As soon as we stepped out at the summit the apes were sitting about, waiting a chance to grab anything which looked edible ...we kept well clear...but did see one quite large ape jump onto a womans head when we were waiting to go back down....I'd have gone ape 😂😂😂
We had a very nice meal in the main square and easily retraced our steps, getting the bus back across the airport runway, while visitors were striding across, many carrying shoppingbags having made use of the very reasonably priced consumer goods....Graham wouldn't let me near any shops!!
When we got back to the caravan the temperature was 32 degrees at 6pm so set off to our local beach for a cooling walk across the bay in the shallows. A glorious evening and still 30 degrees at 8pm when we left the beach.

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