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May 12th 2016
Published: June 2nd 2016
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From the last blog...

Tangier (Morocco) - Tarifa - Seville - Ronda - Granada - Malaga

We had an urge for something different, it calling to all 3 of us, longing for a land where you can show some skin and find booze at every corner - we found it - its called Spain. Honestly it was a breath of fresh air coming from nearly 3 weeks in Morocco.

We ferried from Tangier to Tarifa and immediately fell in love, walking through the super cute old town cobble stone streets, past bar after bar after tapas place after tapas place - aaaaaaaah yes. We spent 3 nights in Tarifa and loved every second of it; it actually ended up being our favourite city in all of Spain that we visited. Tarifa is a small town on the split between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, known for its super strong winds, it is the kite surfing capital of Spain. We killed the days tanning on the beach, our belly buttons and ears constantly needing to be emptied of sand on a regular basis (like I said it was windy but we needed beach time!) and killed nights
Market LadiesMarket LadiesMarket Ladies

these market stalls were side by side - I love how this photo turned out, the wall separating the 2 shops
bar hopping and snacking on the most delicious tapas ever! We found the worlds greatest drink, strawberry gin (this is for you Dana and Stacie - you are both gin freaks and would love it), its a Spanish thing, we are not even gin fans but this was a whole new level of awesome. The town had a great surfer vibe and it was perfect for celebrating our last few days with Ally - the 3 weeks travelling together having gone by too fast. Tarifa was just great - we will be back for sure.

From there it was off the Seville, to meet up with our really good friends Jessi and Ken, who had been travelling through Portugal for a couple weeks. Seville, oh Seville, the tapas were insane! The Spanish have truly got shit figured out; no one seems stressed, there is a 3-4 hour siesta every day but nothing ever seems open, they drink all day/night, walk around with smiles on their faces and the food is mind blowing. Seville's tapas scene is a destination in itself. We quickly developed a Spanish meal regimen consisting of a small breakfast, followed quickly by lunch #1. An hour or so of walking around later seeing the sights soon brings you to lunch #2, followed quickly by dinner #1. You pass out for a bit and once the sun goes down its off to dinner #2. It was so fun to just go from place to place eating small bites of amazingness non-stop. Seville as a city was beautiful, very tranquil with parks everywhere and tonnes of history and amazing buildings.

We had to say goodbye to Ally on our second day in Seville, then the four of us took a self-drive day trip to Ronda. Driving through the Spanish countryside was nice, a rental car providing some freedom from the norm. Ronda, famous for its crazy old and beautiful bridge was sweet. The bridge was insane and how they built shit like that back in the day blows my mind.

We said our goodbyes to Jessi and Ken, a short 3 day meet up in Spain, and Teri and I were off on our own for the first time really this whole trip to Granada. Granada again, like Seville and Ronda, is a really nice Spanish town with tonnes of history. Granada seemed more energetic than Seville, it being a university town, but could not even come close to the food in Seville, Seville definitely the winner in that category. Days were spent in Granada just walking around and seeing the sights; the old cathedral a highlight for sure. We tried to get into the Alhambra, one of the most impressive UNESCO buildings in all of Europe, but it was totally sold out - bummer - but we saw it from the view point, for free, so that worked for us.

The best part of Granada, finding out that we were in fact able to travel for another month - tickets to the Canary Islands and the Maldives purchased immediately after the confirmation email! So, it was off to Malaga, our connection city to the Canary Islands. We just chilled in Malaga, the weather not so great, but we lucked out with a sweet apartment literally on the ocean so we just relaxed, made our own meals and drank 2Euro bottles of wine watching the sun go down. the Canaries!!! But more on that later....

Peace, T&S.

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Cathedral UpshotCathedral Upshot
Cathedral Upshot

the pillars and ceiling in this cathedral were amazing

the start of a fun night!

2nd June 2016

Ah, yes, tapas!!
Forgot about that being one of the highlights of Spain! (That and the inexpensive wine!!!) we were fortunate enough to get inside the Alhambra but that's an amazing shot you took! I thought you might be amazed by the architecture and engineering- pretty incredible!! Looking so forward to your next instalment! Xo

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