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October 13th 2017
Published: October 13th 2017
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Its good to be back! The plants after the summer sun always seem a little bit worse for wear, but a few days of watering and they are back to normal again! Quick dash to the garden centre to buy some ‘colour’ ie geraniums mostly and the porch is a pleasant place to sit and relax – well apart from the little problem of a rat!!! It must come over from the orchard at the back, but we saw it on three consecutive days running along the neighbour’s wall. After telling them, they now keep their windows shut and we haven’t seen the rata again!! Whew!!

Then there was the little problemo of woodworm in our dining room table! I had noticed a few holes last year, treated it and filled the holes, but they are still active so it’s a case of treating it all again, filling up the holes…..and wait for next year!!

The third problem we had was a wasp nest under the eaves on the roof terrace! After reading on the internet about not tackling the problem yourself as they could swarm etc…and hearing horror stories of it costing loads of money to remove it – it was with trepidation we tried to find a free newspaper, advertising wasp nest removals. However, when we went to the local Tabac the assistant (Mandy) said her Spanish husband had some spray and he would pop round in the evening to do it at a cost of 20 euros. Bargain!! It only took about 2 minutes to spray the wasps – he then bagged them all up, including the nest, swept the roof and only wanted to charge 10 euros!! We paid him 20 euros!!!

Apart from this, we spent most of the time socialising and walking – oh and we caught a few festivals as well!! There was a Latin American Dance competition locally in the Plaza de la Legion that was fun to watch as well as a Band-o-Gram (same as a Kiss-o-gram except a Band turns up outside the house two doors up!) The neighbour looked suitably surprised even though you could hear the band marching and playing for about 15 minutes before it actually showed up!!

We ventured up to the Ayuntamiento to find out what the plan was for the orchard at the back of the house to be informed that they are knocking more houses down and then going to put in a new roundabout which will be an access road to the town – oh and four more blocks of low apartment blocks are to be built. Our house is safe anyhow but the plans seemed quite flexible and not yet a definite plan, so we shall see.

Had a good few long walks up to El Hacho, the mountain above Alora and also up to El Santo, the statue above Pizarra. (Can’t remember it being on the flight path?) Did our favourite Coin walk, from El Nacimiento to Cerro Alaminos and then back via the old El Dorado film set. Thought there was zebras in a field – turned out to be horses with black and white striped coats on them!! We are now members of three walking groups so we can pick and choose a bit more which walk we do, so also exploring the Alhaurin mountain a little bit more. Its also cooler walking on the north side of the mountain because its shadier! Its still very hot over here – record breaking temperatures according to the Spanish Weather Forecast!! Its good to get to know different walks and we now know where the silver mines are, as well as the skeet shooting viewpoint!

We also went to a Fiesta at Cartama. All the streets were decorated as an Arab Souk, with camels (stuffed and real ones!) lots of dancing and music, food and stalls. It celebrates an old Spanish story and is one of the first stories of Spanish history.

In 1410 AD Abindarráezz, is going to marry in secret the beautiful muslim woman Jarifa. However, on the way he meets Rodrigo de Narváez, the Christian mayor of Antequera and Álora . They fight and Abindarráez becomes his prisoner. Abindarráez then says that he is in love with the beautiful Jarifa and that he was on his way to marry her in Coin (as her disapproving Father had gone to Granada)

Then Rodrigo de Narváez offers to release him so that he can marry Jarifa if, in return, he returns to his prison on the third day. Abindarráez promises and Rodrigo lets him go. That same day he arrives at Coin and marries Jarifa. The next morning, sadly, he tells Jarifa that he must leave and go back to being a Prisoner. She tries to convince him not to leave, saying that he could send a ransom instead and that Rodrigo de Narváez would surely be satisfied with this.

But Abindarráez refuses and says that he must return, so she decides to accompany him into captivity and share his fate. Because of Abindarráez honesty, Rodrigo sets them both free.

There were thousands of candles in jars which must be lit on the Friday evening (we missed it!) and also “Jarifa” escapes from a cage and then hides in the village while the kids try to find her (missed this as well) But we did see a short spanish play that was supposed to explain the story…..

After the walk to El Sancho we thought we would go to Alora for a Fiesta ‘ Dia de Las Sopas Perotas’. Lots of flamenco music and bands, stalls etc. Bought some more cereal bowls and queued the obligatory hour for a bowl of soup and a punnet of olives!! Good atmosphere!

Back home on the 12th October 2017 and flying back out again on 28th October 2017.after a quick visit to Spain by Richard, Laura and Lewis.(13th – 18th Oct)

We flew back to Spain on 28th October after a successful two weeks on public transport in Wales. National Express bus to the airport (it may have been cheaper to get X7 and then the Airport Bus) and then boarded the very last onto the airplane and managed to get the three seats together so as Chris could have the aisle seat and I could have the window – the bags having the middle one!! Taxi back to the house (40 euros) and all was well!

Halloween is now quite big in Spain. After giving out ghost chocolates to the neighbours 4 year old who called round at 6.00pm., we had a wander up to the town where there were throngs of parents (some dressed up!) and children (mostly dressed up!!) carrying their plastic pumpkin pots for their goodies, calling in all the bars and shops that are all obviously open until 9.30pm!! Amazing atmosphere and all good fun – there was even a white dog that had been painted with stitches!! Other than that it was the usual round of walking, socialising, a few friends came to visit -all good! Had a spectacular thunderstorm on 3rd November resulting in rain for the next morning but it all cleared up and fine weather was once again enjoyed!

Had a lovely walk at Canillas de Albraida just north of Competa, that went through the cemetery and down into the valley before coming up the other side. Plunged back down again after walking along the wide path for a while, passing over a stream several times. Beautiful scenery. Also found the Necropolis de las Aguillas site at the Lakes – but failed to find the caves and graves – next time!! The Necropolis ‘road’ begins about a mile after the dam, just before a white house on your left. It isn’t signposted although the actual Necropolis site has a walk with apparently 12 boards – we found only three!! Ask in the hotel for details! The lakes are extremely low at the moment – quite sad and just another reminder that Spain needs lots of rain! (Preferably at night!!!)

The cactus has also flowered again! I think it blooms when it gets some water – probably desperation!! There are nine buds – not sure if they will all flower but quite an impressive plant!

Also caught the last day of the Erotica Tapas in Fuengirola and nine of us basically did a pub crawl around Fuengirola, sampling the erotic tapas and of course the obligatory vino tinto! Very entertaining and a good laugh from 2.30 in the afternoon through until 10.00pm! Bad head on Monday and no walking!!

As we are now members of three different walking groups, The Field Club, Senderistas and Rambling Al, we have a choice of walks and can decide which days we want to walk! Had some very nice local walks with Rambling Al, Walking For Wellness, including an old Roman Road at Monda. On one of his walks we also saw the Spanish out for a 4x4 competition with a very difficult course and the cars well stuck in holes – well more like craters!!

Left on Saturday 25th November, to meet some friends in Granada. Before starting our drive home.

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