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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Torremolinos October 27th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Il fait toujours beau ici en Espagne, nous marchons beaucoup à chaque jour pour visiter les alentours. Le 'centro' de Torremolinos est plein de boutiques et de restos, il y a de tout pour les touristes. On a aussi visité Mijas, que nous avons touvé très belle et intéressante.A+... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Torremolinos October 20th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Torremolinos est un très bel endroit, sur le bord de la mer (Atlantique) avec une promenade sur le bord de l'eau d'une douzaine de Km où il fait bon se promener. Deux sorties jusqu'à présent: La Vallée des aigles et Malaga (prochaines photos). Bon visionnement,... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Torremolinos April 14th 2014

For the 3rd morning in a row I got the same train to the nearest of all the destinations I wanted to visit, the iconic 70’s resort of Torremolinos. Having had such a pleasant experience of the other 2 towns on the Costa del Sol I was hoping for a similar experience here. However, I was sorely disappointed. Straight away when emerging from the train station you could tell the town was stuck in 1973 and hadn’t even been on trend back then. It was high rise concrete hell with cheap shops and a down at heel feel. I began the slow walk down through the main streets and the winding bends leading down to the sea. It was a huge drop down and I was hoping to God there was a bus back up as ... read more
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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Torremolinos May 8th 2013

Forgot to mention the strange thing we saw leaving Valencia. Hot looking senorita's with little cases sitting on white plastic chairs interspersed every so often along the highway. Took us a while to realize they were puta's (whores) ready to service customers...we then played spot the whore (and discussed what was in the cases!). With Guido the GPS guide failing us on the drive into Granada, we found ourself smack bang in the middle of the city... massively busy, narrow streets (the van inches away from scraping both sides and making a u-turn meant doing an Austin Powers 20 point turn), traffic, people, bikes, dogs, cows ... ok no cows... Leanne having a cardiac arrest, Mick with dry mouth syndrome and adrenaline guts, it was hell. Guido decides to come back on line and directed us ... read more
Balcony of Hotel Isobel

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Torremolinos May 8th 2009

Hallo allemaal!!!!! Sinds woensdag zitten we in Torremolinos / Spanje voor een weekje ongeremd luieren en ontspannen! Het is hier heerlijk. Continu tussen de 25 en 30 graden en een strak blauwe lucht. We zitten in een super mooi hotel met heerlijk eten. Al met al vermaken we ons hier prima dus! Was sowieso wel eens lekker om slechts 2.5 uur te hoeven vliegen ipv de 14 uur naar de VS inclusief overstap etc, etc. Alleen het feit dat we om 06:20 al zouden vliegen en we dus om 03:30 uit bed moesten was voor mij een DRAMA natuurlijk :-). Al een paar dagen in de aanloop naar deze vakantie ben ik begonnen met het vervroegen van mijn 'naar bed gaan tijden'.... Hoewel dit enigszins gelukt is, was het uiteraard nog steeds een drama om midden ... read more
Creatief in de badkamer

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Torremolinos November 6th 2008

Well, I´m exiting Spain now. Sitting at the airport in Madrid, having just flown up from Malaga, and waiting for my connecting flight to Rome. It was very good to get away from the big cities, from the huge prices and take a timeout for a day or so. I met up with an old mate from England who had already sorted out a 2 br appartment. What bliss! a room to myself! What a fanastic time to come, no crowds as it is very much off season here. Just the imagination of what this place must look like in peek season.. chaos! Just the many English retirees or the few poms who come over for a few days of relief from the English weather. It was overcast and raining yesterday as i had my only ... read more
Costa Del Sol
Beach in Winter

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Torremolinos June 5th 2008

A great farewell evening was had by all.... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Torremolinos May 19th 2008

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Torremolinos June 25th 2007

Hola Amigos, Hey, before I begin, if you'd like to write me a comment based on what I've written, please feel free to do so. It doesn't go straight to the internet. I can read it and decide whether I want to post it or not. Some loser named Frankie Hejduk wrote me, but I hate him and didn't post the comment. :-) 18 JUNE - Monday • Today was Monday and we left Sevilla nice and early, headed east towards the mountain city of Granada. Frequent readers of my travel updates will no doubt recall that I studied in Granada in July of 2005. You will also remember how much I love it there. Well, we rolled up on the outskirts of town at about 130pm and all I can say is WOW! They've ... read more

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