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January 26th 2009
Published: October 1st 2017
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To Sevilla...

We had a leisurely breakfast, then hit the road. Since it was raining (and the prediction called for more rain - and snow), we decided just to take the motorway directly to Seville. The sun came out part way, so we were actually able to enjoy the drive. It's not a particularly pretty drive, although there are a few large rock outcropping and cliffs which give it a picaresque feeling. While we passed a couple of towns with old city walls or castles on the hill, most had a very modern feeling. In fact, all the endless olive groves felt very corporate ... we saw very few classic farmhouses in the center of the orchards, and much of the housing in the towns appeared newly manufactured. There are also many olive oil factories ... plus metal works and some other plants ... scattered about the countryside. Still, an enjoyable drive.

Seville emerges rather abruptly from the countryside: one goes from olive groves to the industrial sector in a matter of metres. We followed the highway to its end, then proceeded to get lost among the warren of streets in downtown Seville, despite (or maybe because of) three maps. Eventually, we worked our way to the main boulevard that circumferences the old town and spotted the road we wanted, then the signs to our hotel. Parked, checked in, then decided to go find some lunch.

We selected a restaurant just off the Plaza Neuva (the site of our hotel). It wasn't particularly tasty but wasn't bad either. We enjoyed the wine (waiter's recommendation). Lingered for a couple of hours, until we decided it was time for siesta.

We went out for a walk later, wandering down the Avenida de la Constituction, towards the University. Thoroughly enjoyed the architecture of Sevilla - especially the Moorish details on the buildings. Mum was growing tired, so we returned to the hotel. Pas and I went out again later, to look at the shopping streets and find the Studebaker ad. Eventually, we returned for Mum, then had ice cream at a local shop.

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