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December 28th 2012
Published: April 6th 2013
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Seville OrangesSeville OrangesSeville Oranges

They are beautiful, aren't they?


We arrived in Seville at the scheduled time just as the sun was setting. The dark of night was quickly approaching. Thank goodness for maps we can download from the computer. When I booked our hotel, before leaving Prague, I had downloaded a map from the railway station to the hotel. Do you think we carried our laptop along with us? No way! We have two little IPods and they are life savers for times like these. Even in the dark you can hold one in your hand and see the street names and the map and try to follow. I say try because at times even the best maps leave something to be desired when walking in an unknown location with many small streets. However, leaving the station we quickly oriented and determined the direction we needed to walk to the first street. The name of the street was right, the same as on our IPod, and off we went on the narrow sidewalk pulling our carry-on bags behind us.

To the Hotel Don Paco

We had about a two kilometer walk from the station to our hotel. Later, at the hotel, we learned there was a bus we could have taken that would have brought us to within one block of the hotel. The evening air was cool, but not cold. Wasn't this one of the reasons we decided to travel to Spain on our Christmas break ... warmer weather. Prague is cold in December and usually gray and wet. Thinking of "sunny" Spain was very attractive. Also we had a wonderful time in Spain during the Christmas break of 2010. At that time we wanted to visit Granada and Seville, but both were experiencing heavy rains and flooding. Also at that time it was unusually cold all over Spain and we had decided to stay along the Mediterranean coast; i.e. Figueres, Griona, Barcelona, Xiativa and Valencia.

The street was wide, carrying quite a bit of traffic. Quite a few people were out in the evening air, walking on the narrow sidewalk. As we walked we had to be careful as we passed people walking in the other direction because we did not want to accidentally bump our carry-on suitcases into other walkers. This part of Seville did not look upscale, but neither did it appear seedy so I was not particularly concerned. It was the time of day when I believe most of the walkers were either on their way home from work or heading to their favorite tapas cafe.

We walked about thirty minutes when we rounded a corner and there, directly ahead of us, was our hotel, the Hotel Don Paco. Hurrah for us. We found our way once again. The Don Paco exceeded our hopes for a good, comfortable place to stay in Seville. We would recommend it to you if you travel there.


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