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April 7th 2012
Published: April 10th 2012
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April 7-After a very sound sleep, we snoozed the alarm and ended up waking up at 9am.Our hotel room was very nice but had no windows so it was hard for us to tell that the sun was up and we should start our day. After a run thru the rain locker, we headed straight for breakfast at a cafe just down the street from our hotel. The breakfast was good but the service was slow. This put us even further behind us, so we headed straight for the Seville Cathedral, which is the centerpiece of the town. This Cathedral is third largest in the world behind St.Peter's and St. paul's. This  cathedral was massive and we took our time to look around. After Rick steeve's self guided tour, we headed to climb the Giraldi tower. This tower has been standing since this site held a moor mosque. The tower was built with a ramp wide enough to hold a man on horseback who climbed the tower six times per day to call the community to prayer from the tower.The climb to the top was significantly easier because of the ramp, but we were still a little dizzy at the top. The top of the tower held a multitude of bells and spots to look out over all of Seville.  The climb down was easy and we made a quick stop in the craft shop and cathedral courtyard. Our next stop was the Semana Santa processions that were going on all over the city. We were able to get up close and personal in the side streets of Seville. We even made friends with the small children handing out candy in the procession. In order to find more processions we speed walked to plaza de la incarnation. Here we joined several thousand other folks and watched four different processions. It was nice to see families out enjoying the nice weather and spending quality time with their families, while they passed on their Semana Santa traditions. We headed back to our hotel for a quick siesta and then made a few wrong turns on the way to a flamenco show. We bought tickets for the 10:30 show and found a tapas bar for dinner. The bar was quant but the service was less than expected. (side note.... Taquito in Spain is a type of fish.. NOT a fried taco). After a very light, frustrating dinner we headed for the flamenco show. The show featured 12 performers including musicians. The dances were good and we learned that it is a very serious activity. After the show we headed back to the hotel, and watched the only channel on tv that came in, the Semana Santa parade coverage.

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