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February 12th 2012
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I didn't do anything super exciting this weekend, but it was kind of nice just to have a few days off and relax. Jenny went to Germany for the weekend to visit her dad who lives near Dusseldorf, so I had the room to myself for the weekend.

On Friday I just hung out with my friends Alex and Alina. We had lunch at this little cafe near the Cathedral. I couldn't resist being American and ordered a pizza called "pizza Texas". It was basically a BBQ sauce and chicken pizza, and it was delicious. I also got a strawberry shake which was really small. I wasn't a huge fan of it. It was pricey, my total was 14euros, which is like $18, but the pizza was definitely worth it.

After lunch we went down by the river and laid in the sun on the grass. It wasn't warm enough to lay out in a bikini but it still felt really nice to lay in the sun. We ended up having dinner pretty late and not finishing until around 11:30. I was still pretty tired from Thursday night and no one else was really going out so I just stayed in and watched a movie.

On Saturday we went out to this club called Abril which is really close to our apartment, which was nice. It's a popular club so there was a really long line to get in -- about a half hour, plus a 10 euro cover charge just to get in. Luckily I didn't buy more than 1 drink there because I had bought a liter (it's similar to a 40 oz.) for 1.5 euros and just drank that before I went in. Since the club stays open until 7a.m. we didn't even go there until around 3, and we stayed until 6am. It was a fun club, and there were a ton of people there. My friend Larisa apparently is claustrophobic and doesn't do well in places where there are many people in a small space and she ended up fainting on the dance floor. It was pretty scary. She hadn't even been drinking. Needless to say she took a cab home.

I left around 6am and started walking home by myself. My friends called when I was halfway home and said that they were coming too, so I sat down to wait for them. The only problem was that I was so tired that I fell asleep on the street! Luckily they found me a few minutes later, and I was fine. Scary! The street was surprisingly comfortable.

I didn't really do much today either. Since I was up so late I slept until around 1:30. I got churros con chocolate with my friend Samm and afterwards went for a run to the river. I ended up taking a bunch of pictures on my ipod of things that I probably take for granted because I see them everyday but are actually pretty cool. I'm going to figure out how to get those pictures on my computer so I can put them up here.

Shwell, I should probably study or watch Jersey Shore or something. 😊


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