How Yoga promotes Mental well being?

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February 6th 2018
Published: February 6th 2018
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Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning "unite" focus on blending in the physical and spiritual level, and brings a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Yoga practice is an essential part in our life. Yoga existed many years ago first in India and found it's journey to the western countries, it is now firmly rooted in our culture.
The Practice of yoga provides all the physical benefits, but it also helps in the mental aspects. Yoga self practice must be adapted with full awareness in order to benefit from the positive changes, to be able to relax and release from anxiety and depression. Depression is mostly due to fatigue, and stress.
Yoga effectiveness derives from the ability to release tension and cortisol level in the body. The emphasize is on deep calm profound breaths to allow the body to relax at a cellular level. Yin yoga is ideal practice, as you stretch deeply into the connective tissues, where all the magic happens. It helps in releasing tension, and letting free sensations that may rise on the surface.
When you have control over the breath you have control over the mental's state and ability to control situations. Yoga meditation teaches you to take time to reflect on your actual state of mind, to search deep in the self. Yoga practice is about self awareness, self understanding. It helps you clarify other parts of your life, such as work, family, friends, relationships, ect...
The more you practice meditation the more you will gain control over your life and realize the changes you desire. Daily practice will help you stay calm, focused and helps you reduce considerably your anxiety, stress or depression.
When you keep your body flexible you also keep your mind flexible. Do not let mental block control you. Set yourself free. I believe that everybody should have a healthy and balanced life style, and this is why I wrote this blog in order to encourage you people to change your life for better.

This blog is the ultimate for self improvement this year. With love. Namaste.


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