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June 25th 2007
Published: June 25th 2007
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can't go without endulging in the local foods!!! of course with a little Sangria!
A day can never feel longer when you try to meet up with someone from home on a trip....after a cancelled flight which made me miss my connection i somehow still managed to find my parents checking into our hotel in Malaga, south of Spain! Nine months away from home, it's nice to see mom and dad.
They soon discovered after a few bus trips and some flights of stairs to our home on Riviera del Sol, that I got it a lot easier with my backpack than a suitcase!!

Our Villa's beautiful, overlooking the ocean and fully equiped, a sure treat for me!!

Quickly adjusting to the Spanish culture, I'm thinking we could really learn a thing or two with this idea of a mid afternoon siesta! it only makes sence, step away from work between 2 and 4 and enjoy a nice big family lunch or soak in the sun at the beach, take advantage of the best time of day!! North america should incorporate this in the lifestyle and take time to step back and enjoy the day!!

We deffinately kept busy going up and down the coast making the most of our time
what a palacewhat a palacewhat a palace

I was pretty tempting to put an offer on this palace! absolutely beautiful! Alhambra in Grenada
in spain. Visiting the breathtaking Islamic palace of the Alhambra in Granada. It's the oldest Islamic Palace still around used by the Arabics between 711-1842 when the spanish Christian reconquered the area. The detail in the archetechture and preservation of the area...amazing!

Spent the following day exploring a cave in Aww over the stalictites and staligmites dating back 25 000 years ago...that's unimaginable.

A trip to Gibraltar, a UK country on the south west tip of spain, we got to see Africa in the horizon, the atlantic ocean to the west and the Mediterranean to the east! Beacuse of Gibraltor's location they are proud to say that on their rock 12 religions and a multitude of cultures co-exist in harmony, hard to find in today's world. Amongst them live 5 special colonies of monkey that provoke pictures a plenty amongst tourists, you just can't resist!!

A well deserved day on the beach to regenerate and soak in spain before heading to Rome to meet up with my sister Christel!!

Looking forward to it!

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living in harmony

7th July 2007

nice see you again
nice see you again . how are you !! nice place !!!!!! we are missing !!!

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