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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Jerez de la Frontera June 30th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Tous les ans dans mes voyages il y a une journée sans, une journée où rien ne va, une de M.....Pourtant elle était super bein préparée. Ce matin, tour de ville de Jerez, circulation facile on est dimanche matin, personne à 9h30, ni voitures ni piétons. Jerez n'est pas la ville la plus touristique. Ville de 212 000 habitants, est célèbre pour son vin le Xérès très prisé des britannique qui l'appelle "Sherry", et l'élevage équin. Ses monuments, la cathédrale El Salvador et l'Alcazar. Avec Séville c'est la capitale du Flamenco. La cathédrale est coincée, dans des petites rues, le gps me fait passé dans certaines ruelles, où la porte de mon garage est moins étroite. Je n'ai pas perdu beaucoup de temps dans la ville. Le deuxième projet est la route des ... read more
plage tôt le matin

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Jerez de la Frontera March 25th 2018

Bring on the dancing horses, as Mr McCulloch sang with his Bunnymen. The lyrics were unlikely to have been inspired by our destination, but makes a handy blog title. The train pulled into Jerez pretty much on time despite the slightly late departure. Jerez is famous for horses, motorcycle racing, sherry and flamenco -- but not necessarily in that order. I doubt that many visitors see the other thing it should be known for - the most fantastic railway station. In Seville, the visitor numbers to the Plaza Espana must run into the hundreds of thousands in a year. The Jerez De La Frontera railway station building is by the same architect. I doubt many regular commuters even spare it a thought and even less visitors know of its existence, but it features the same fantastic ... read more
Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Arts
Jerez De La Frontera Railway Station
Jerez De La Frontera

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Jerez de la Frontera September 1st 2016

On our final trip out - a visit to Jerez. The new town is nothing to right home about but the old town is a delight. Full of great sights and sites - none more so than the Alcazar. Set in the heart of the town it is part Moor fortress, Baroque palace with exquisite gardens, grounds including a beautifully proportioned mosque and delightful baths, light by Arabic stars in the roof. After the evening stroll a flamenco night in the Taberna Flamenco. A converted sherry warehouse now a restaurant and flamenco house. Food was fantastic and the flamenco from the dancers everything it should be - sinuous, sensual and passionate with fantastic soulful singing and great guitar music too. ... read more
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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Jerez de la Frontera March 29th 2016

We moved from Granada by bus and train yesterday and are now in Jerez de la Fronter (or on the the Frontier.) In 1492 the Christian King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to finance Columbus after he asked them three times. The needed their money at the beginning of the year to fight the Moors in Granada. They Conquered Spain and made Granada their Capital. They honeymooned at the Alhambra. When they Moors were driven back South and the Sultan no longer in power, and King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, having secured the frontier which was everything in the south of Spain, they now could finance Columbus's voyage of discovery. We learned much of this history from the Alhambra quite. To continue the story, within 2 generations the capital had been moved to Madrid, the center ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Jerez de la Frontera June 24th 2013

Jerez Saturday 22nd June I was woken by the alarm at 9am, the first time for many weeks that I've slept until the alarm has rung. After a lovely breakfast that included the choice to indulge in fresh figs I walked to the corner where my transport to the Yeguada de la Cartuja - Hierro del Bocado was to pick me up. I walked with a Spanish couple who were having a disagreement (I think) about which w...ay to go. I showed them my map and that seemed to prove the woman right. When her husband questioned her again, so got from her person a picture of a saint, and that seemed to be the end of that discussion. At the corner, the woman kissed me goodbye! Who needs to speak the language? The taxi that ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Jerez de la Frontera June 21st 2013

Friday 21st June My routine on the day I move on has developed into - sleep at late as possible (most breakfasts do not finish to 11am and checkout is Noon), have a leisurely breakfast, pack, taxi to the train station, train to where ever an...d taxi to new hotel! I have been so lucky with the hotels I have chosen since leaving Madrid. The accommodation for the first 3 weeks was all booked before I left Tumut. For the rest I have used a website (yes - Spanish!) and the recommendations in Lonely Planet I am only booking a few days ahead. So far so good. The Hotel Eurico in Toledo was adequate (double bed but room badly organised), but noisy as my room faced the street. In Cordoba, Hotel El Conquistador was excellent ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Jerez de la Frontera June 24th 2012

I went Jerez de la Frontera for the weekend. Jerez lies around 30 miles north of Cadiz and is only around 40 mins by train. I decided not to book a hotel in advance and just find one when I arrived. The plan would of worked if I had read the map in the rough guide correctly and searched for the symbols marked hotels, not the ones marked tapas bars! After 2 hours of walking around I finally realised my error and found the hotel reccomended bu the book, only 20 Euros per night with aircon! Have to admit the aircon was well recieved after staying in the house in Cadiz. Jerez de la Frontera is the home and heartland of sherry (itself an English corruption of the town's Moorish name – Xerez) and also, less ... read more
Plaza de Parteros
Barrels de Jerez!

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Jerez de la Frontera May 1st 2012

In the province of Cadiz there are three towns which form the famous 'sherry triangle' of Spain: Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda, and El Puerto de Santa Maria. Any bottle labelled as 'sherry' must have come from this region, which has been producing wines since the times of the Phoenicians (1100BC). Having had absolutely no appreciation for sherry in the past, I decided to visit a bodega in Jerez to sample some different types and educate my palate. Arriving on a sunny May bank holiday, I went to the Gonzalez Byass bodega near the centre of town, where they produce Tio Pepe brand sherry. The company was founded in 1835 when Manuel Maria Gonzalez Angel, under advice from his uncle the famous Tio Pepe, founded a winery in Jerez. Soon after he created a ... read more
the Apostles
thirsty mouse
sherry and smiles

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Jerez de la Frontera January 29th 2012

Only a few day to go now... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Jerez de la Frontera February 14th 2011

Wednesday 2nd Februay 2011 After saying our farewells we took to the road again heading west past the rock of Gibraltar to the point where the med meets the Atlantic ocean near the town of Tarifa. Here we turned north west towards along the Costa de la Luz. The scenery changed driving across a sweeping plane we passed Cabo de Trafalgar off which Lord Nelson achieved victory and met his death on 21st October 1805. Further on we passed another location that saw a British naval victory Cadiz where Francis Drake destroyed the Spanish fleet in 1588 prompting Philip II OF Spain to assemble another fleet – the Armada which was destroyed at the hands of the English with the help of the weather and sounded the death knell of Spanish maritime power. On to Puerto ... read more
Beach at Puerto Santa Maria
Royal Equestrian School
Horse training

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