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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Huelva July 3rd 2019

Bonjour à tous, Es un milagro, c'est un miracle, un jour sans problèmes, où tout ce passe bien, même plus tôt bien. Ce matin en moins de 10 minutes, j'avais récupéré ma voiture, 300m de distance. Incroyable. Je ne reviendrais pas sur les 3 heures d'avant hier. Dans le ¼ heure suivant je suis aux arènes, et encore un miracle une place pour la voiture. De l'extérieur le style est magnifique, dommage que je ne puisse les visiter, il y a trop long à attendre. Même mieux voir une corrida, la prochaine est le 8 juillet. Pour les toréadors Séville c'est la consécration. Je vais même me permettre, après accord, de rentrer dans une boutique, toute proche des arènes, spécialisée dans la vente d'équipement, de matériel pour toréadors, matadors. Chaussures, cravates, épées, muletas,etc. Surprenant. Je trouve ... read more
les arènes de Seville
Aracena castillo

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Huelva May 19th 2014

Sometimes you find yourself singing a song but adding the wrong words. Today was one of those days. We had planned to go to Seville and then to Huelva. OK you say where in the world is Huelva and why are we going there? And for that matter what has it to do with a song. The Hollies “On a Carousel” is the song and the connection has nothing to do with Heulva. As we were going to see caravelles the sea going ships of Christopher Columbus the Italian naval explorer known to the Spanish as Christobal Colon became a mantra for us as we sang On a caravelle very loudly in Suzy. Interspersed with " there are an awful lot of oranges in Seville." It is Sunday. A day of rest. However most of Spain ... read more
The three ships

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Huelva » Almonte May 2nd 2014

Our day in Ayamonte. We spent the morning trying to figure out how we would be able to get out of town the next day. We had reservations for a place in Portugal that we needed to get to on Saturday. So the first stop was the reception office for the condo we are staying at. We found out where to leave the keys in the morning (no small task with one person speaking Spanish and one person speaking English). Then she tried to help us with the bus schedule. Her information said that the bus did not stop in Ayamonte on Saturday, only Monday-Friday. Now what?!?! Next stop was to be the tourist office. They would be able to help us find a way out of town--IF they speak a little bit of English. Since ... read more
Isla de Canale,  Ayamonte, Spain
Balcony of our condo in Ayamonte

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Huelva » Ayamonte May 1st 2014

Travel days can be tedious but we prefer to look at them as an adventure full of interesting and entertaining people and places and occurrences. This day was no exception. We left Don Peque Hostel by 6:20a.m. in order to walk to the bus stop in time to catch our bus. We knew we wanted to go further than west of Seville, somewhere near the Spain/Portugal border. We have reservations for Albufeira, Portugal, for May 3 so we just needed to find a place for a couple of days. We thought about Huelva or Lepe but didn't know about the bus connections. So we will figure it out at the bus station in Seville. While traveling from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Coast we went over mountains and through farmland where there was miles and ... read more
isla de Canale,  Ayamonte

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Huelva April 5th 2011

I hear this phrase all the time and I love it. To me, it basically epitomizes the Spanish culture. Translated into English, it means 'nothing happens", but that's not the meaning of it in Spanish. If you bump into someone and say "I'm so sorry!!!!", a Spaniard will respond with "no pasa nada." If you are late to class and are apologizing profusely, the professor will say "no pasa nada." If you stumble over your words and get embarrassed (side note: embarazada does not mean embarrassed, it means pregnant), or if you don't understand what the other person is saying: "no pasa nada." It basically means, "don't worry about have nothing to be sorry/embarrassed/etc. about...nothing happened." The Spanish have that attitude about most things, which is why I love it. You have nothing to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Huelva » Ayamonte March 17th 2011

Thursday 10th February 2010 Up today and moving on to El Rocio a rather bizarre town near the Portugese border. On the way however as we pass back near Seville and make a detour to ‘Italica’ a roman city of some importance being the birth place of Roman emperor Trajan. Most impressive is Italica’s amphitheater which seated 25,000 spectators and was the third largest in the Roman Empire. The well-preserved city of ruins seen today were laid out under Hadrian's patronage and known as Hispania Baetica, cobbled Roman streets are visible, and mosaic floors are still in situ. On arrival at El Rocio we make contact with the Camping and Caravanning Club steward who invites us to join in with the quiz night. Friday 11th February Day today for schoolwork and pre weekend food shopping in ... read more
Italica mosaic
Italica amphitheatre I
Italica amphitheatre II

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Huelva May 10th 2009

We had a Puente last weekend, which means like a long weekend. Friday was "Dia del Trabajo" aka work day. So it was a National holiday and everyone had the day off. A teacher from Cecilia's school was going to Huelva because her fiance went to school there. So we got a ride with them Thursday evening after school. The ride was about 3 hours and of course it was all windy and crazy, so I wasn't feeling so hot. But we finally got to Punta Umbria, which is like a peninsula in Huelva. They drove us to our hotel, the Pato Amarillo (yellow duck), and then went to their hotel. Ours was decent, we had a very big balcony that looked over the pool/courtyard and out to the ocean. It was a great view. Friday ... read more
on the beach
me and ceci

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Huelva April 9th 2009

The plan for the day is to head for Parque Nacional de Donana, a wetlands reserve on the flight path from Africa to europe, and to track down some of the site pertaining to Columbus' voyage to Americas. We decided to take advantage of the expressways, so we headed west toward Jerez, north toward Seville, then west toward Huelva. I had googled the directions to the solar tower which Spain has much publicizied, so we knew it was west of Seville north of the expressway. As we plotted out the day, we (I) suggested we skip the solar tower for after the rest of our destinations and see what time is left...the directions to the tower were quite convoluted and I didn't want to waste our time. As we drove by what should have been the ... read more
Palos de la Frontera
Palos de la Frontera
Solar tower

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Huelva December 2nd 2008

December 1st 2008 Three months off work. Seems like a lifetime ago now. November seems to have gone very fast. The warm weather seems to have gone the same way as November too. It surprises me how wintery it has been here the last few weeks. After Villagordo Del Cabriel ( Kiko Park Rural) we moved to Camping Internacional Aranjuez for a stay of what turned out to be a week and a day. Aranjuez sits just south of Madrid and it is the site of one of the royal palaces of the Spanish monarchs. The intention was to explore Aranjuez, Madrid and Toledo whilst there but we only managed the first two but we had a quick visit to look at Chinchon’s picturesque plaza. Aranjuez was a confusing little place to find your way around. ... read more
The prado museum
Its freezin'.
Crusty (?) Fire Twirling VW man.

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Huelva May 8th 2008

May 2, 2008 This morning Julie and I met Katie to walk to the “pick-up” spot to go to the Monastery that Christopher Columbus stayed at for awhile, to see replicas of Columbus’ ships, and to go to the beach. We first went to the Tres Carabelas, which are the replicas of La Niña, La Pinta, and La Santa María. They were a lot smaller than I thought they would be. We also explored “The Americas” which was an area looking like an island in the Caribbean. After that we went to El Monasterio de La Rábida. This is the monastery Columbus stayed at before he set sail for the New World. We saw a few rooms he planned his trip at and another church! Then we left the boring part of the day and headed ... read more
La Pinta
Columbus on the Santa María
hanging on for life!

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