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July 16th 2014
Published: July 16th 2014
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For those of you that have been following my blog from the very beginning and who have a solid understanding of the emotional turmoil that fueled this two-month journey of self-discovery, I'd like to share this beautiful email I received from one of my followers:

"I've just finished reading all ten of your blogs. It looks like you live in the SF area. If you look at our blogs you will know we lived out there the past 3 years. I wish our paths had crossed. We are now in the DC area. I'm going to tell you more than you want to hear and I hope you don't mind. I foolishly got married at 18 but was smart enough to get divorced at 26. Ok, so I'm a bit slow and should have left much sooner. I then went into a unhealthy relationship for almost 5 years. At 31, the man who I mistook for the love of my life dumped me. I was stunned. I went to Barbados to recover and my travel life began. I've done some amazing things and been to some amazing places. I was 37 before I got married again and I am thankful. I did a lot of living and introspection in that time. I found a wonderful man and we have worked hard building a future and traveled the world. My life really didn't start until I got dumped when I was 31. Life is strange and sometime painful but you always get through it and learn so much. You really are on the right path. While you have this free time, sit and think. Question everything. As you said you've got a clean slate. You can live in new places or old familiar places. You can get a new job, study new things, meet new people. The world is your oyster and we are your fans. Happy Travels, Merry Jo"

Mary Jo, I cannot thank you enough for reaching out to me. Your words really penetrated my core and seemed to come at a very reflective time. Thanks for your words of wisdom & for letting me share with my other readers.


19th July 2014

thanks mary jo for your comments
Courtney (: How awesome is that Mary jo found your blog and shared her thoughts and feelings. Happy for her and I am happy for this time you have. Love you mucho !
21st July 2014

You are welcome!
With experience comes wisdom. Just remember you are where you are supposed to be. I love your adventure and I will be following along.
24th July 2014

i love her! i just cried.
25th July 2014

It was no coincidence she found your blog. I think she was meant to give you that message that you needed to hear. Love you!
30th July 2014

What a wonderful reinforcement to get during this journey. :)

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