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June 13th 2012
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I do not think that this feeling will go away. I do not think that it will be as strong as it was on the first day here but I definitely think that I miss the familiar. But anyway I will tell you what I have been up to.

For starters I got lost in a good book. It was really refreshing to just sit and relax for a few hours and read. I have not done that in a really long time and though I am not at home it took a little piece to me.

I read into the afternoon and met a couple guys that had just checked into the hostel. They aid they were going to go see the city, so I said why not? There were four of us: an American, a Canadian, an Ozzie, and a Kiwi. What a group! I never thought I would met people like that. But anyway we walked around the city, went up to the Mirador de San Nicolas and walked around the caves (just houses built into the side of the mountain, technically caves but less impressive). The cool thing was getting to the Alhambra. We walked around outside of it and ended up not going in. I am going tomorrow and will see it then. I will upload some photos because I can. One of the guys let me take some of his photos.

All in all I had fun yesterday. I still miss home and cannot wait to see everybody. My flight from Madrid just as a reminder is 95 and my flight into Raleigh for NY is 4403. I should (probably not but should) be landing around 4:40 pm.

I love you all, and I anticipate seeing everyone and telling you of my travels when I get home.


15th June 2012

arrival time
I'll be there!!! Can't wait to see you again. Be safe. Love, Mom
16th June 2012

ready to see you.
Christian, I have enjoyed reading your blogs as you travel and experience a broader world. I get to travel vicariously, and although that is a far second, I can still enjoy the glimpse you have given us, replete with history lessons and links for more information. I am both sad that this trip is coming to an end for you and happy that you will be heading home. It is good to have a place that is home for you and it is good to travel. Like a ship with an anchor, it ventures out for the adventure of discovery, knowing there is a home port. Looking forward to seeing you. Deb

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