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October 21st 2008
Published: October 21st 2008
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Today we went to Granada. The trip there was about two hours on the highway here. A pretty serious climb into the mountains from the coast, followed by a whole lot of olive orchards. I was pretty tired, because I finally had the jet-lag issue--up at 5 and unable to sleep. UGH!
Today was the most beautiful day we've had. The weather was so perfect! Always sunny and never too hot and the leaves were just beginning to change. Just the kind of day I miss every fall in Mesa. Anyway, we got to Granada, and I think we were all surprised at how populated the city was. There were tons of apartment buildings and a sizable downtown. When we asked a cab driver, he said the population was only 300,000.
We decided to try walking up to the Alhambra, but it got slightly exhausting. Greg's handy Spanish secured us a taxi and entrance into the Royal Chapel of Ferdinand and Isabella and the Cathedral before siesta began. It was awe-inspiring to walk around the tombs of these leaders and see the clothes they wore. The cathedral was equally amazing. Brad said he liked it better than any he'd ever seen before (apologies to Hubert!). I was surprised how much of my art history knowledge came out of hibernation.
A short (and kind of wild) cab ride to the Alhambra was next. We had lunch (lots of eggs and a few catfights over the leftovers), then we toured the Alhambra. To say it's huge is an understatement. I can't believe how big that fortress and castle and grounds are. We walked and walked and walked. . . . and walked. It was cool to be able to look out over the entire city of Granada. No wonder the Moors picked the site they did. The carvings, the tile work, the ceilings, all quite cool. But then we went to the gardens. If I had been under siege there, the gardens are where I would have hung out. I loved how many fountains and pools they had. We were all pretty exhausted after the day, and the drive home seemed like forever.
Once we got back to our room, however, we all caught a second wind and began to laugh and tease and eat local treats. Ah, the Dentons never change! (and you wouldn't want them to, either now, would you?)

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That is one big door, babyThat is one big door, baby
That is one big door, baby

Well when Ferdinand and Isabella came to church, it was a big deal.
Intricate carvingIntricate carving
Intricate carving

The whole interior of the palace at the Alhambra looks like this.

22nd October 2008

There is a time and place for big doors, for people with large heads, shoulders and/or butts

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