Day 25: Mindset and Moving

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November 30th 2018
Published: December 6th 2018
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With Shelby's ankle still a little banged up from canyoning and knowing we had a 22 hour travel day in the near future, we decided to take a day to chill. This gave me an opportunity to SLEEP in and enjoy a cup of coffee from the balcony with breakfast. Mostly, I couldn't believe how far behind I felt in so many things. How can you be behind on a journey is the question I kept asking. The list compiled quickly: completing the workout program I had left for my soccer teams to show them everyone can find time, journaling, reading the 10 books I committed to on this trip, blogging, soccer work, laundry, catching up on sun and sleep. It was a great day of sun, walking the beach and collecting trash, and catching up. I was once told that it doesn't matter how much money it is that you make, you will find a way to spend it. I feel like that is the way time goes. It doesn't matter how much you have, there will always be something to do. Today, I was privileged to have time to do all the things I wanted to do in a beautiful environment of the Mediterranean Sea. I appreciate everyone who has encouraged, motivated and supported this journey.


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