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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol January 16th 2020

Coming to Nerja on the Costa del Sol was the perfect way to end this trip. The hotel, Paradores de Nerja, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on a cliff, was beautiful with an elevator down to the beach and lots of places to sit to enjoy the view and the sun. And yes, it was sunny for our 2 days here, with a high temperature getting into the low 60s. We arrived in time to sit outside and have a drink before it got dark. Dinner was at a pizza place that was open on Calle Carabeo, near the hotel. It was fun and cheap, but with mediocre pizza. The sun rises in Nerja at 8:27 am, with a glorious sunrise over the Mediteranean. The sky started turning colors at about 8. As you might guess, many ... read more
From Newark State to Costa del Sol...who would have guessed?
It's almost sun rise
SBHS to Nerja...retirement has its advantages

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol May 10th 2018

Völlig problemlose Überfahrt. Statt von Tanger Med gleich von Tanger aus gefahren. Kurzer Ausflug nach GB und einmal um die Halbinsel gefahren. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol November 5th 2016

Believe it or not we made it from Trumbull to JFK in 1hr 15 min. There was no traffic on the Van Wyck at all. That was a first......ever. Next, no line to speak of to check in. Arrived at the gate and noticed that an Aeroflot flight to Moscow was assigned to our gate. It was scheduled to leave at 2:25, then 3:40, now who knows. About 300 passengers began to line up at 2:15 and they have been standing ever since. Very peculiar. Met my roommate Claudia and recognized her right away. She in incredibly well traveled, speaks German and Russian and who knows what else. Also saw Beth and Tom. We traveled together in the past and are a lovely couple. After an endless trip, airport wait 4 hrs, air time 8 hrs, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol May 1st 2015

Day 1-2: We left Vancouver Thursday April 16 in the early hours (yawn 😴) and thanks to Chris we didn't drive. By 17:00 we arrived in Montreal, ready to pick up our rented car by speaking our broken French tongue 😜 and head to Ottawa to meet the next day with Terri's family. At around 19:30 we pulled into a secluded exit off the highway and ordered, again in French, a subway sandwich, only to realize afterwards we were now in Ontario and laughed because the guy behind the counter was so graciously trying to understand what we were asking and was perfectly bilingual 😆. The Delta Ottawa was our place to rest ourselves, and we soon fell asleep..well, at least I did while Terri counted sheep. Friday greeted us with sun and we headed to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol October 1st 2014

Ross didn't know you need to scroll to the bottom all the way in order to see all the photos and also at that point you can view previous or next blog entry. I may have sent the incorrect blog this morning - it should be the one titled Finding Rondo. Okay... yesterday's drive was so normal I kept nodding off even though there was still interesting scenery but the scare factor was missing. We even arrived at our hotel without going down any narrow streets at all. In fact we arrived a year early. Apparently I booked our night's stay for 2015 instead of 2014. It took some internet play by the clerk and myself to get a new booking at the great rate I got for next year. Cost us $8 more but we ... read more
Lunch on the deck
cabanas and umbrellas

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol September 6th 2014

Hola everyone, Wednesday – we toddled off to Marbella to check out some places on a list that a golfing mate of John’s gave him - this time it was the Orange Square. We weren’t sure what it was, well I wasn’t anyway so we went there and were completely charmed by the whole area. It is a square in an older part of Marbella with many restaurants surrounding it, plus gardens and beautiful flower pots on the apartments above the restaurants etc. Also close by in the side streets were many shops… and this was before Siesta time – certainly timed it well today!! John bought a shirt and I bought a dress, very nice, have resisted buying clothes this time and have stuck to shoes and bags… am hoping to lose some weight when ... read more
Cable car ride up to the top of the mountain
John cooking dinner
Golf Club Flamingos

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol September 2nd 2014

Hola everyone, Well yes we’re still here in Costa del Sol and feeling like locals now – people are recognising us… must be time to move on.. Saturday night we left early for Mijas, a town up in the hills, to have an early dinner before we went to a show in the local auditorium. We also wanted to get there to get a car park and check out where the auditorium was as we hadn’t seen it on previous visits. We arrived there about 6pm – just to find that all the restaurants were closed until 7.30pm! However, we were able to have a drink while waiting so it wasn’t a totally lost cause and obviously a good time for weddings in the park nearby as there were two while we were there. We have ... read more
Mijas restaurant
Benalmadena Beach
Puerto Marina

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol August 30th 2014

Hola! A much better day today than the foggy day it started off with yesterday. We couldn't see the sea from here and just as we thought it was dissipating, it came back for awhile. Foggy but no wind and very still. Yesterday we went to a place called Mijas (pronounced Meehaa) - a lovely town nestled in a hillside with stalls and a few tourist attractions etc and of course, the usual tourist type shops with all their wares. This place reminded me of a Spanish version of Hahndorf in some ways. It had some amazing views from up there and you could see down to the sea - although still a little foggy. We managed to find a car park - that was fun. Car parking here is similar to some other European cities ... read more
Taxi cab in Mijas
Santuario de la Virgen de la Pena
Outside of the old church

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol June 23rd 2014

Après les grottes de Nerja suivaient le tour d'âne :D Maman et Mamy ont préféré s'installer dans une charette pendant que Papa et moi avions chacun notre bête. C'était bref mais vraiment cool de se promener dans la ville montagneuse de Mijas à dos d'ânes. Le mien était étrangement poilu, comme un croisement entre un âne et un lama... Assez unique en son genre :) Ce fût une très belle journée!... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol June 21st 2011

Thursday It’s our last full day in Spain and today it’s all about beach and pool time and cocktails by the water and dinner on the beach. Marylou and I had a lovely breakfast and then sat by (and in) the pool for a couple of hours. We showered and walked the beach looking for shells but only found stones, but very pretty stones they were; marble and quartz and others that looked like polished limestone or sandstone. Above the hotels along the beach is the town of Torremollinos. To get there one can climb the steps or take the lift. Guess which one we opted for. Unfortunately it was about 2:45 and the lift was closed for siesta so we opted to people watch and sip mojitos. La Cabana won the “best mojitos of the ... read more

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