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March 30th 2015
Published: March 30th 2015
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Claude in sunshine
good morning dear readers.

This blog needs to begin with not one, but TWO apologies !!!! The first one refers to the delay in writing this blog to include the apology over the delay, but sitting around in the sun drinking sherry is a very time consuming business. Secondly, in the previous blog (the one before this on) , your correspondent stated that the shower block in Burgos was clearly the coldest place in the world. This is incorrect and misleading as the shower block in Salamanca is actually the coldest place in the world, as you will soon learn.

We left the cold of Burgos and headed further south to a town called Salamanca - I hope you have noticed how this has linked to the previous paragraph. The journey was smooth as we stayed on the roads, using our usual system for motorways here. We find a lorry and tuck in behind it and weave our way at a steady 60mph. The toll booths have proven a bit of a problem for our navigator and chief purser as we always go to the lane for cars the slot to put coins in is too low for Wendy to reach without performing strange contortions or usually having to get out of Claude completely!!! On this stretch of road however, the problem vanished as somehow (I think magic is involved) the machine gauges the height of your vehicle and moves up and down accordingly to the level of your window. Truly an eighth wonder of the world!!

Anyhow, we barrelled into our new campsite located on the outskirts of Salamanca. We thought to get the bus in to the centre but when the aforementioned bus pulled up, W started to get on, but the driver pointed over her shoulder at Cusco and said he was not allowed on !!! Your correspondent hopes it was Cusco being refused entry and not himself!!! It transpires that in Spain, dogs are only allowed on public transport if they are of the small yappy variety and not a hulking brute of a spaniel. We were a bit peeved off but as usual, picked ourselves up after such a crushing setback and got a taxi instead !!! Many exclamation marks in this paragraph.

The centre of town is beautiful. It hosts the oldest university in Spain and a double cathedral - an old one and a new one built on the back of it. The architecture is breathtaking and I could have ambled around for many days admiring the place. Wendy managed to get up a tower of the cathedral and was able to clamber on to the roof. Cusco and I stayed safely on the ground. And dear readers, the sun was out - honestly it was. Sadly it was accompanied by a freezingly cold wind, but it gave us hope that we were heading in the right direction. Our campsite was adequate but had the coldest shower block that has ever been built. Brick built in the style of an old Butlins style, with windows permanently open allowing the wind to howl through and no hot water, they put Burgos firmly in second place.

After a day or two our adventure took hold of us again and we continued to Caceres. Your correspondent was still marveling over Salamanca until he walked in to the centre of Caceres and had his breath taken away. It is a UNESCO heritage site and well deserved in my opinion. Everywhere we looked was another building of sheer beauty. We were so amazed that we had to sit in a bar and drink beer and wine - such a hard life. This campsite was the best we have been to so far and wonders of wonders, each pitch had it's own bathroom . Wendy was in awe and stood looking at it for three days. Oncemore the sun shone brightly and this time it was warm dear readers, yes, it was warm. Our plan was starting to work.

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27th April 2015

I am so jelous
I am a couple of blogs behind now but catching up and just feel so envious of what you are seeing and doing - I am sure as I am typing this the weather will be so much warmer now, Wendy you look good and I love the blog. It makes me think that I could be wasting my time in dear old blighty when there is so much more to see in the world!

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