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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando September 30th 2019

Very organized armed with our pre purchased train tickets we joined the masses on the streets of Seville & headed to the main train station. Looking forward to our next stop which is in the region of Cadiz at Puerto Santa Maria. The train trip was easy, comfortable & very clean. 1 & 1/2 hour ride through extremely dry countryside (through Jerez....have to go there). Not one piece was wasted...all being or just had been cropped. Plenty of Olive trees...& hello we find our Spanish 'Picual' variety growing at Gaddums Hill on the shelf here in Cadiz...good choice K&B! Many, many cotton fields. A very quiet port town, old in history & especially to us of interest was Christopher Columbus stayed here for 2 years & of course 'Santa Maria' was one of his 3 ships ... read more
Cotton fields
Malta like Galleries
Main entrance

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando January 15th 2012

Day 4 Finished last night by drinking a copious amount of beer with the american eric stating in the same room as me. Beer was only 99c so 4 litres each cost 8 euro. Not too bad at all. Went to bed at 1 and were the first 2 to head to bed in our dorm of 8 people. Slowly adjusting the body clock to spanish time and speed. Woke up at about 9 and after brekkie, weather not so good today very cloudy and cold, headed off to the bus station and got rained on en route. Nice. Bus more expensive than was advertised anywhere but the journey was very pleasant, nice and warm about 32 hours to dump me in the middle of Cadiz at a rather delapidated bus station adjacent to the train ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando September 25th 2010

Like I said: busking won’t make you rich money-wise. There are far better reasons to play in the streets though: all kinds of things cross your way. Not only Bulgarian accordeonists looking for rich unmarried women from the north of Europe to have coffees with (see my previous report, May 2010) Salvador for example, was a completely different story. He was walking arm in arm with his wife when he saw me playing at the boulevard with my guitarcase at my feet and my red hat as my officious trade mark. Together they choose a bench that looked out over the sea and they sat there listening quietly for about an hour. Only when I started to pack my things, they came over to buy a cd. Soon I knew a lot about their daughter, their ... read more
Nelly, Salvador and his wife
Now that is sweet, isn't it?

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando August 18th 2010

I only knew about half of the people there. Most students had returned to their home country in July already, and now four days before the start of the new academic year in October, I certainly was the last one standing. But most of my friends that hadn’t left were there, eventhough there weren’t enough of them to fill the café quite well. We played the songs that they already heard, we drank on my quick return and they even managed to buy a present for me. Two actually. The first one was a little book with staves and blanco pages for remarks or lyrics besides the music. “I already bought this,” Sandy said, “when I found out that you can’t read notes!” I assured her that it didn’t matter. And there was another little notebook ... read more
Who are all those people? And what am I supposed to do with these staves? :D
Salvadors envelope and thank you card ("Come back to Cádiz and fill it with your beautiful songs."

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando August 17th 2010

Dzzjjj-zzjjj-zzjjjj-zjjjunggggg… Oh no. Not “dzzjjung”, is it? Not now. I silence the “it’s-your-own–fault-told-you-so” moaning voice in my head while I try all possible combinations of choke, gear and gas until I can’t remember anymore which ones I tried. Now I flooded the engine for sure. In the meantime I’m talking to my dear friend who I have left standing there workless with it’s front wheel against the curb for a few weeks now, and I beg him to please keep grumbling this time when the starter keeps quiet. I promise that this week we’ll drive a few hours every day. Yes: I’ve planned to leave Cádiz tomorrow to go back to Holland for a little while. By bike. Or, well… Dzzjj-zzjjjungg. With my parents and my brother Koen, who had driven three thousand kilometers to come ... read more
At least I can laugh about it! :D
This was before they found out that we spent 2 days waiting for nothing...
Taller Ad, please help me...??

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando July 25th 2010

The first time I saw Carlos, he was strolling around at the part of the boulevard where I stood with my amplifier and my guitar case at my feet, as if he wasn’t sure if he should come over to have a chat. His doubt didn’t last long: after two verses and a chorus he suddenly stood next to me, telling me how much he liked the music and asking me if I could play Hotel California too? While I fingerpicked some kind of interlude, I tried to answer his questions. What’s your name, where are you from? Why are you in Cádiz? Just a moment, it’s time for another verse and chorus. On another day I’d probably have told him off, but today the sultry summer breeze blew so nicely along my playing fingers, that ... read more
A little park along the boulevard

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando June 19th 2010

Cádiz is a peninsula that’s just as big as the city itself: where the houses stop, the ocean begins right after the citywall. All the houses are built really close to eachother in a try to prevent the burning sun to get in. But still both the heat and the humidity that makes the air heavy always find their way in. They seep down through the roofs, they creep through the thin walls with flaking stucco or they slip through one of the few barred little windows, to settle there inside the walls and the rooms, never to leave again. In all walls and rooms, but mainly those at the ground floor. I lived at the ground floor. I had a little window above my sink; a connection to the courtyard of the house. It wasn’t ... read more
This is what my little friends looked like

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando May 19th 2010

Do you actually make some money busking? We did sometimes. Like at those days when there were two or three cruiseships moored at the harbour of Cádiz. Floating skyscrapers full of people who had five hours to get to know the city. Our experience was that a typical cruise-passenger wouldn’t make it any further than the terraces in front of the cathedral in those five hours, where they mostly sat bored to death, waiting for their ship to leave again (most cruise-schedules weren’t adjusted to the siësta-times and none of the visitors was adjusted to the siësta-heat) and that they didn’t know what to do with their money when the shops were closed and the lunch was payed. That combination could pay you more than two hundred euro’s in an hour and a half. Sometimes. But ... read more
Jonny & Nelly at Plaza S. Francisco
"Here you are, I like it!"

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando April 19th 2010

After a week I felt more at home in Cádiz then I had felt in Belgium in three years, and only fourteen months later I set foot on Dutch ground again. But of course the city had it’s own drawbacks that made me think of my grey, cold, organized home country with more melancholy than I could have possible imagined before. Rare moments it were, but still. "Mamááá!" Wuh? I hear Nero barking. Birds chirp in the courtyard. "Mamááá!" Somewhere a baby cries. It’s not even half past six yet. I hide my head in my pillow while I try to convince it that I really haven’t woken up yet. My head doesn’t believe me. "Ricardo, callate, ya vengo! Mamááá!" Upstairs the dog goes mad. If I wouldn’t know better, I would get out of bed ... read more
The little troublemaker

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz » San Fernando January 25th 2010

The twentyfifth of January was a sunday. Ai. On mondaymorning I should be back in Cádiz at eight for a practicum. I calculated: that's half past nine Spanish time, nine o’clock Andalusian time, and half past nine Cádiz-time. I wouldn’t make it if I’d leave in the morning. So I told Pájaro that I'd go by bike and drive back home after our “concert” in the eco-pizzeria in Tarifa. On my way to Tarifa I got an indeterminate feeling that appeared to be anxiety. That’s exceptional: all my genes involved in recognition of danger and worry seem to be recessive. And when it eventually happens that even I can’t deny an alarming situation, I usually think that it’s too late to worry anymore anyway and that things “naturally” will end up to be ok again then, ... read more
Safe and well in Tarifa, with Marocco's mountains at the horizon. Blue skies still :)
Playing in the eco-pizzeria
Not so blue skies anymore

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