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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande February 15th 2019

19th Jan 2019 – 16thFeb 2019 A short hop to Spain to avoid the harsh and grey winter of the UK! We actually travelled on a Saturday and both Bristol and Malaga airports seemed very quiet. Maybe this shows how times have changed and that people now travel on Sunday eve to Friday eve for work leaving the weekends quieter? Who knows!! Anyway, it was very quiet! Usual round of walking and socialising – we have three walks to lead this time so quite a few reccys to be done and we were also helping find a route on someone elses walk so my poor knees have taken a bit of a hammering!! We also went to a dog charity (SOS) and were rewarded with four dogs (two puppies and a Mum and daughter) to walk ... read more
Estepona (5)
Horse Show at La vega
Us at the top of La Bola

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande September 18th 2018

We flew to Spain on the 11th Sept! Boy it was hot!! Hot and humid and unlike I had ever known in Spain! Lots of thunderstorms, for the first week or so, occasionally rumbling around in the mountains - one night we had heavy rain and an amazing overhead storm about midnight - that put paid to any sleep until about 1.30am!! But it was good to see everyone again from our various walking groups, and the walking started off relatively simple and easy because of the heat,. Although when we did a 9km undulating walk, it just about finished us off!!! Had a few walks, eventually finding the waterfall made famous by the 1985 Timotei Shampoo advert, and also a good walk at Refugio and the Torremolinos ... read more
Waterfall used in Timotei advert 1985
Malaga Train Station
Statue of the Fallen Angel

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande November 6th 2016

SPAIN 27th Sept 2016 – 4th Nov 2016 It was only a short 5 week break in Spain to touch base with neighbours and friends and go on the Senderista walking holiday (3 days to Pinos Genil, near Granada) and the Field Club Holiday (4 days to Cazalla de la Sierra in the National Park just north of Seville) We were greeted on our arrival by very worried Spanish neighbours who informed us that there had been a lot of burglaries in the area and people breaking into empty properties and squatting, so she had been cleaning our front door to make our house look lived in, but advised us to get metal security doors to replace our glass ones. A quick visit to Antonio, our metal fabrication expert from when the house was first renovated, ... read more
knocking down the garages
Walking near Granada
Drink time

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande February 16th 2015

We arrived in Spain on Friday 16thJanuary to wonderfully warm, sunny weather – that lasted until the Sunday when it rained all day and the temperature dropped down to 10c through the days and 4c at night! Cold!!! The rain also brought snow to a lot of Spain and when the good weather returned on the following Wednesday we were treated to beautiful clear views of the valley, ringed with the snow topped mountains! Lots of good walks planned and Chris did a 17km walk up to Pico Alcaparain @ (1293 metres (approx. 4,000’). Plenty of scary, vertigo moments on the walk apparently, so glad I didn’t do it!! There was also a walk (in the misty rain!!) at the Montes de Malaga so unfortunately there weren’t many views but a fantastic meal afterwards at the ... read more
The Boardwalk at La Cala
Malaga Carnival
San Pedro with La Concha in background! Chris' next challenge!

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande November 24th 2014

Flew with Ryan Air 18.00pm( for a change!) for our 47 day visit to the house in Spain, arriving at the house about 23.00ish! Quite a lot of walks lined up - our first one being on the day after we arrived. so dragged ourselves out of bed to drive to the Refugio de Juanar on the Marbella Road to meet up with the rest of the Group at the old Hunting Lodge, which is now a hotel. A pleasant enough walk in the sun to a couple of miradors overlooking Ojen and Marbella followed by a Menu Del Dia at the Venta and a good catch up with friends old and new!! The next day we had a good clean of the house as the clouds gathered for a downpour and thunderstorm in the afternoon, ... read more
Walk up at the lakes
Scary Road up the mountain at Otivar
View of Salobrena Castle from our hotel room

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande April 28th 2014

Tues 18th March - It was lovely to, at last, catch up with Bjorg who we had met in 2011 in China, and nearly got together with in Norway last year on our cruise! We could only give her a taste of Andalucia in the four days she had here, but we really enjoyed showing her around and had a lot of fun together! I hope she enjoyed sharing Chris’ 55% Anis that he bought in Rute last year – it was certainly an evening to be remembered!! We have lost our English Sky TV programmes, as we knew we would, as Sky has ‘so said’ turned the transmitter off! We still have some odd English channels we are able to watch, including Sky news, but after buying a new digital ariel and a new digital ... read more
2. Me and Bjorg enjoying the sun!
3. Bjorg & Chris (both hungover from Rute!!)
10. In the Gorge, Ronda

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande November 21st 2013

2nd – 21stNovember 2014 This was a short three week hop over to Spain, to check the house (it’s been nearly 18mths since we were last here!), catch up with old friends and do some walking. We got some friends to book us on the Field Club walks, as they would have been fully booked had we waited until we arrived.! Which begs the question - maybe there should be more walks, but there always appears to be a shortage of people to lead and organise them. We are always happy to lead walks but the walk programmes are done at least 6 months in advance, so difficult for us to say exactly when we will be here....... The house was fine on arrival – just a bit musty! A few minor repairs needed on the ... read more
walking on Sierra de la Robla with Casarabonela in distance
Spain - Nov 2014 470
Getting the catamaran to Puerto Banus

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande March 15th 2011

SPAIN 6th March – 17th March 2011 The worst news! Its official! Little dog is dead. We saw our neighbour as we came back from Morocco and I decided to ask her about little dog just to confirm what we thought would be bad news and indeed, she cast her eyes and pointed to the sky and confirmed ‘muerte’. We can only assume that by pointing to the sky, that ‘little dog’ has gone to heaven! We didn’t like to ask what happened ( I probably wouldn’t have understood the Spanish answer anyway!!) so we don’t know whether it was natural causes or accident....... On Sunday, despite rain threatening, we decided to go to Mijas horseracing at Mijas Costa Hippodromo. Usual format of five races on a sandy track and because of the rain earlier in ... read more
Benalmadena Park
Rio Guadalhorce
Letting water out of the Dam

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande February 26th 2011

Feb 17th – Feb 26th 2011 Our first week or so in Spain has been glorious – due mainly to the weather! We have had sunshine every day with just a few clouds in the sky and warm temperatures of over 20c. Just perfect fro sitting on the roof, chilling out, reading books and gazing at the view of the mountains and valley! The house was absolutely fine when we arrived, with a pleasant surprise to find that the freesias I had planted as bulbs a year ago were now in flower and smelling wonderful and the jasmine is full of buds and will hopefully flower before we return home! The first swallows were flying around but no sign of the little white dog who lived opposite. We haven’t yet plucked up courage to ask what ... read more
friendly dog!
Caterpillar trees
Processionary caterpillars

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