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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana June 14th 2014

Heute habe ich mir Ljubljana angesehen. Hier gibt es eine sehenswerte Altstadt. Vorher habe ich sowohl im Business Center im Hotel als auch in einem Internetcafe versucht, die gestrigen Bilder hochzuladen. Leider hat das aus irgendwelchen Gründen nicht geklappt. Das muss dann leider noch warten. Dann bin ich mit der Bahn zur Burg hinauf gefahren und habe die Aussicht genossen und habe mir Verliese und Turm angesehen. Danach bin ich an der kleinen Kathedrale und dem Rathaus vorbeigelaufen und habe in einem Cafe einen Latte Macchiato getrunken. Im Anschluss daran bin ich zur sehenswerten Nationalbibliothek, aber die hatte geschlossen. Danach bin ich wieder zum Hotel und in die schöne Sauna. Gerade war ich wieder in einem slowenischen Restaurant und habe Schweinebraten und danach Pfannkuchen gegessen. Jetzt sehe ich wieder WM und hoffe, dass ich dieses Spiel ... read more
Die stark restaurierte Burg von innen
Aussicht vom Burgturm
Blick auf das Stadtzentrum vom Burgturm

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana June 13th 2014

Das war ja gestern für Kroatien nichts. Immerhin hatte ich es genau so getippt. Heute bin ich dann mit der Bahn von Zagreb nach Ljubljana gefahren. Hier habe ich wieder ein schönes und zentrales Hotel. Ich bin auch schon mal zum zentralen Platz, dem Presernov Trg. gegangen. Dort ist auch diese Dreifachbrücke. Auf dem Weg dahin habe ich auch ein schönes slowenisches Restaurant gesehen, indem ich nachher zu Abend gegessen habe: zuerst kalte slowenische Platte mit dem.bekannten gekochten Schinken (Prsut). Danach eine Krainer Wurst. Das alles mit slowenischem Rotwein. Der slowenische Brandy (Brinjevec) stand zwar auf der Karte, war aber aus. Jetzt bin ich im Hotel, kucke WM und hoffe, dass meine weiteren Tipps weitgehend richtig sind. Morgen werde ich mir natürlich den Rest der Stadt ansehen. Bis denn.... read more
Der zentrale Platz
Die Franziskanerkirche
Der Ljubljana-Fluss

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled May 5th 2014

Slovenia Third day, third country. After driving modt of the way across Germany and across Austria and then down a tiny road following a truck too big to get around the corners, we are in the very scenic town of Bled. The hotel overlooks the lake. The weather got a little warmer today, and we have had clear skies most of the time. Driving in Europe is really expensive, gas is nearly $10/gal, and the tolls are worse. We are pretty much done with getting across Europe, so tomorrow we do a little less driving, and a little more looking. I am having a terrible time doing this. It has taken over an hour to do this small entry. It just keeps crashing, and I can't upload photos either.... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled March 28th 2014

"First, we had a 30 minute drive from Lake Bohinj to Lake Bled. Then when we got to our destination we took a little boat ride to a little island to see a church, a museum, and bell tower. The church was pretty cool because it had a rope that you pull to make the bell ring. At first I did it and it was hard. But then my dad did it and he did it perfectly. Then I tried and I did it. At the bell tower it was pretty cool because it had this little thing that showed how the bell tower worked and how it rung. At the museum, there were these dolls from all over Europe. We made a video that we were next to the dolls and I had to say ... read more
Lake Bled
Lake Bled Island
Bottling Wine

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bohinj March 27th 2014

We drove from the caves to our hostel and we saw this beautiful lake. The hostel was nice because the people were nice. It had a tight room but it was good for the 3 of us and also I had the whole bathroom for myself because no other people on our floor. We were supposed to go to dinner we got super duper lost. It was scary because it was dark and tiny roads. Finally we got to our restaurant. We wanted to get Slovenian food since we were in Slovenia so we ordered a fish called trout that lived in Lake Bled. Then we go this hamburger type thing that was super good and this amazing sausage. There was this sauerkraut from Slovenia but Vitor and I did not like it. For dessert we ... read more
Me and Daddy
Me and My Ski Instructor, Simone
Me and Daddy

Europe » Slovenia March 26th 2014

"So we had a long drive to Slovenia. It was my 59th country! We went to this cave that was pretty cool that people discovered a long time ago. It had an amazing view of a waterfall. There was all these rocks and things hanging from the top of the caves - I forgot the names. Then we went to a cool castle. It looked like it was part of the mountain which was very cool. It was kind of like a museum. There were fake people doing a lot of stuff. There was room with torture which was very weird. There was one thing like a horsey and sharp on the top and put weights on your feet so you split in half. Very tortury. My grandma Anita was here with my mom and dad ... read more
Predjama Castle
Predjama Castle

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled March 24th 2014

I'd like to start this post off by apologizing. It's been a really long time since I've posted anything. Spring has sprung in Hungary, and with spring comes a renewed social life full of family dinners, weekends outside, and very little time in my flat. It's really been amazing here. I finally have a rainy Sunday, and it's supposed to rain for the rest of the week, so hopefully by the end of this week, I'll be back on track. After Trieste, the girls (Darcy, Alicia, Kenzie, Cindy) and I had a few Wednesday night dinners together. A good way to catch up each week after our Italian adventure. One family dinner after my ski weekend, I stayed at Cindy's flat after everyone else had left. We realized there were a few weekends in a row ... read more
Our first view of the lake. WHAT.
The town of Bled.
Boats in green water

Europe » Slovenia March 9th 2014

Its a long time since you heard from us, mainly because we haven't had anything interresting to tell. This period have been represented by mostly resting! If you think this is mainly holiday you must rethink. All the impressions running into our brains take time to absorb. In addition the weather in Spain have not behaving the last weeks. There have been more or less a constant storm hitting Portugal and Spain from the north west. We have even felt the winds on Costa Blanca. Today the weatherforecast from Cadiz to Almeria have storm warnings. The same applies to north Africa. The temperatures have been lower than normal, even on Costa Blanca. We have mainly been to known places met friends and relaxed. However we found a nice place in Santa Pola, and the owner an ... read more
Bigastro Camperpark

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana October 9th 2013

Welcome to Slovenia! I was told immediately as I entered this beautiful country that it is the only country with the word “love” in its’ name. I will have to take their word for it. No matter if it is true or not…I LOVE THIS COUNTRY! It is beautiful, quaint and charming. I am now on my way to my next stop in Zagreb Croatia. I’m traveling on the train as we speak. But before I get to the next stop on my journey, I will recap my time in Slovenia. As I said, it is a beautiful country and the people all seem to be ambassadors of tourism. They are all anxious to tell us about their homeland and are most helpful if you need some assistance. It started with my cab driver to the ... read more

Europe » Slovenia September 30th 2013

What an amazing little country Slovenia is, from cosmopolitan Ljubljana to the beauty of Lake Bled and the Julian Alps, and all within a couple of hours driving! Slovenia is also where we discovered, a website that allows you to rent an entire apartment for about the same cost as a hotel/hostel room! What a brilliant idea! In Ljubljana we stayed at Gasper’s little one bed apartment near the Roznik-Tivoli reserve. We spent four nights in this beautiful little city in total, which was possibly more than you need there but with Ben still sick we just wanted to stop and relax for a while. Plus, it rained. A lot. So we hid out a bit as well. Ljubljana is a small but perfect city. With only about 300,000 people it is not much bigger ... read more

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