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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana October 9th 2013

Welcome to Slovenia! I was told immediately as I entered this beautiful country that it is the only country with the word “love” in its’ name. I will have to take their word for it. No matter if it is true or not…I LOVE THIS COUNTRY! It is beautiful, quaint and charming. I am now on my way to my next stop in Zagreb Croatia. I’m traveling on the train as we speak. But before I get to the next stop on my journey, I will recap my time in Slovenia. As I said, it is a beautiful country and the people all seem to be ambassadors of tourism. They are all anxious to tell us about their homeland and are most helpful if you need some assistance. It started with my cab driver to the ... read more

Europe » Slovenia September 30th 2013

What an amazing little country Slovenia is, from cosmopolitan Ljubljana to the beauty of Lake Bled and the Julian Alps, and all within a couple of hours driving! Slovenia is also where we discovered, a website that allows you to rent an entire apartment for about the same cost as a hotel/hostel room! What a brilliant idea! In Ljubljana we stayed at Gasper’s little one bed apartment near the Roznik-Tivoli reserve. We spent four nights in this beautiful little city in total, which was possibly more than you need there but with Ben still sick we just wanted to stop and relax for a while. Plus, it rained. A lot. So we hid out a bit as well. Ljubljana is a small but perfect city. With only about 300,000 people it is not much bigger ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Škofja Loka September 20th 2013

Day 11 and return We woke up in the night to strong winds and heavy rain, which persisted all through breakfast at 8am. A decision was made to take an easier option through to Skofja Loka and then North to Kranj to rejoin our planned route. The decision was made easier by the fact that the road on the second mountain pass was closed to traffic due to repairs following a landslide some while ago. This does not normally stop us but the rain would have made it harder to negotiate and the landslide was also on a dirt road section, which we have seen enough of to last us quite some time. We waited until 10.15 and miraculously the rain stopped at 10.18 and off on a 7k climb to reach the top of the ... read more
Ljubljana street
Lake Bohinje
Prisank Mountain   Julian Alps

Europe » Slovenia September 16th 2013

Day 9 Resting today and Postojna caves. Today was a rest day and eight set off in a minibus to see the castle and some distant caves. Six of us cycled in sunny weather to the caves in Postojna, which we passed on our descent yesterday, and which were absolutely excellent. It cost us 28Euros for a 90 minute trip which consisted of a 2km train journey through a magnificent cave system before a 1 km guided walk through the most amazing natural cave features to be seen. The quality and quantity was mind blowing and well worth visiting. The growth on the stalactites and mites is 1cm in 10 years so the growth seen was covering thousands of years and resembled all sorts of intricate shapes, which are incredible. There were hundreds of people in ... read more
Caves 2
Caves 3

Europe » Slovenia September 16th 2013

Day 10 Rakov Skocjan to Cerkno Today the sun shone on us. Last night we looked at the weather forecast and saw it was due to rain during the afternoon. As a result we decided that if it was poor we would take a short cut from Idrija. Some had decided to do this regardless, either to save the legs or to visit the silk and the mercury mining museum in Idrija. As it was nice 12 of us had a nice lunch in the pleasant town of Idrija and then headed up the rather pleasant valley to 710m before a 7km stone track descent -hairy- especially when you meet lorries racing up towards you with little room to spare. Once at the bottom it was a nice steady run alongside two rivets to Cerkno for ... read more
From the peak
Jon s Ferrari
Tired Jon

Europe » Slovenia September 16th 2013

Day 8 Hushrevica to Rakov Skocjan Thank goodness today was a bit easier than yesterday. We did a steady run into Ajdovscina passing through some nice villages until we hit a supermarket to buy sandwiches for lunch. We then hit the old town centre and had a coffee and viewed the tiny Saturday market in brilliant sun, which we had not seen enough of this trip. Again the mountaintop had no place to eat so it was eaten sitting on a wall top. On inspection the village of Col only had a crummy bar with no food. Upon reaching the summit we headed down the mountain and hit the gravel after 1k for around 3k on reasonably graded gravel. Unfortunately John had a compression puncture on the foot of the gravel section which his friend Geoff ... read more
P1020950 Valley above Ajdvoscina
P1020967 Another brew
P1020960 Traditional barn

Europe » Slovenia September 16th 2013

Friday Day 7 Idrsko to Kobarid What a killer!It did not rain today and after lunch the sun came out and we saw 23 degrees. That was the good bit. No to be fair it was a great day for most of us but very hard indeed covering 57 miles of very variable terrain. We had a nice steady run to Cepovan through some very quaint villages which looked like they were stuck in a time warp with grass being sit with old cutter bar mowers and being raked up and forked by hand. At Cepovan we turned up into the hills only to be met by a dirt road at 7% rising up for 8 miles with only 50m of tarred section. On the way up, just ... read more
P1020933 Mountain view
P1020930 Lunch
P1020929 Fiat

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 13th 2013

Olin sopinut etta sain olla hostellissa klo 11 asti. Herasin ensin klo 6, mutta torkuin sitten viela klo 8 asti. Pakkasin tavarat talla kertaa silla silmalla, mita jattaisin paivaksi sailytykseen. Jatin rautatieaseman sailytykseen lahinna vaatteita seka karttoja ja muita papereita, joilla ei ollut suurta arvoa. Tulin aseman nettilaan tunniksi siirtamaan kuvia ja lukemaan sahkopostit. Ajelin sitten pyoralla erinaisia matkoja, ensin puistoon ja esikaupunkialueen kautta jokien yhtymakohtaan. Matkan varrella loysin aukion, johon paatin palata syomaan. Lopuksi viela ajelin pitkin keskustaa ja hain tavarani. Pulaan lahtikin klo 16.30 minibussi, jossa oli juuri tilaa kaikille 15 matkustajalle. Alkumatka madeltiin ruuhkassa, mutta sitten tuli joutuisaa moottoritieajoa. Kiersimme varmaan kaikki Slovenian rantakaupungit. Hienossa kunnossa naytti lyhyt rannikko olevan. Passintarkastus sujui niin... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 12th 2013

Nukuin huonosti. Oli poutainen paiva. Poljin ensin asemalle siirtamaan kuvia kamerasta tikulle ja blogiin. Kavikin niin ettei tietokone saanut yhteytta kameraan. Kun otin kameran irti tietsikasta, kaikki kuvat olivat havinneet. Myoskaan ei onnistunut uuden kuvan ottaminen. Onkohan edessa koko kameran uusiminen vai riittaako muistikortti? Onneksi riitti uuden muistikortin ostaminen. Kavin otattamassa vahan samanlaisia kuvia kuin eilen ja sitten syomassa. Tulin viela ennen kolmea siirtamaan niita nettiin. Ostin huomiseksi bussilipun Pulaan. Kun en keksinyt bussikortille parempaakaan kayttoa, kavin katsomassa 10 vuoden takaista hotellia, joka oli aika syrjassa. Mieleen muistui etta sielta oli tosiaan matkaa pysakillekin, vaikka linjoja kulkikin useita. Kun minua ei huvittanut menna takaisin koko matkaa iltapaivaruuhkassa, hyppasin kyydista pyora-aseman kohdalla ja poljin keskustaan. K... read more

Europe » Slovenia September 11th 2013

Slovenia Day 3We arrived at Pension Bohinj at 6.30 resembling drowned rats and since we were just able to speak we were not put on a skewer for roast dinner. Seven of our bikes arrived in Preddvor overnight and were assembled after breakfast. Unfortunately one bike was stripped to its most basic and took some time to assemble so 11am was the start time. This was not a problem since cats and dogs were falling out of the sky in large quantities and were bouncing back upwards again. The weather was mixed all day with bits of sunshine and raised hopes only for another deluge to appear. We climbed 300 metres and dropped down the other side another 300 when the rain started again so we took cover ... read more
Gravel road
Road kill

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