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May 29th 2009
Published: May 29th 2009
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Dragon 1Dragon 1Dragon 1

One of the 4 Dragon's guarding the Dragon Bridge, this was taken by Penny the Fish.

Scott and I arrived in Ljubljana around 19:15, we said our goodbyes to Minka and then we were met by Scott’s cousin Zvone and his partner Nusa. They took us for a lovely walk around the city of Ljubljana and show us the major sites to check out the next day. So we walked from the train station ( Zelezniska postaja ) to the center ( Center Mesta ) and down to the old square ( Stara Ljubljana ). Ljubljana is definitely one of the most beautiful European cities that we have seen in our travels. The city is very clean and even though all of the buildings are very different, the cities architecture was well thought out and planned. In the old square there are 3 famous bridges ( Tromostovje ) which were designed by Slovenia’s famous architect Joze Plecnik. Next to Tromostovje there is also a statue of a famous poet ?? with his muse above giving him inspiration. We walked around the market area; across the Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most ); saw the castle ( Ljubljana Grad ) up on the hill; then we went back to Zvone’s place for some polenta with egg, cheese, and
Dragon 2Dragon 2Dragon 2

This is another one of the Dragons, we really liked them...this was taken by Scott the Bag
sour milk before a good nights rest (Scott skipped the sour milk but we both thought it was great!). The next day we caught the bus back to the city centre to do the touristy thing. We walked up to the Castle ( Grad ) and found a little snake on the path which gave us a lot of excitement taking photos. Lucky it wasn’t poisonous seeing as Scott insisted I hold it while he took photos!

We then met Zvone for a coffee at lunch and he took us again for some site seeing. We walked to some ruins with Roman influences (there are some Roman remains used as the base). There are more Roman ruins which lie under the city, as well as a sarcophagus and a wall which is about 2000 years old. We then went to the Napoleon’s monument and met Zvone’s daughter Ula for a coffee, she then walked us back to the Maxi where we were picked up by Uros another cousin and then taken back to his place to meet more family and have a fabulous dinner. Uros is married to Toncka and they have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren and another granchild due in September. At their house we had some traditionally food; Kranski Klabassa which is a sausage cooked in wine (which was one of the best I’ve ever had); fresh herb pancakes (Frutalja); pivo (beer) and champagne.

We had a walk around the garden their lovely garden and were shown a really old plant that has been in the family for many generations. Uros and Toncka had to go to the theatre but before they left Uros invited us into his cellar where he gave us a bottle of wine which we’ll open in Hawaii, and also some medicinal alcohol which we’re trying to ship back to Canada. Next we needed to go back to the centre to meet Igor ( Zvone’s son ) and his family. Igor’s daughter Uta was very shy when we first arrived but after an ice-cream and a few smiles she opened up. She was very cute :o). We walked around the square took a few photos then went to the Cutty Sark pub for some pivo and got to know each other. We then got picked up by Zvone and Nusa and taken back to their house for some well deserved sleep, Scott and I were exhausted. The next morning we popped next door to Ula ( Zvone daughter ) to say thanks and goodbye and then we were picked up by another cousin Ivo who was going to drive us to Postaya Jama and Ankaran near the Italy border for more family! More on that next!

Additional photos below
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errr a statueerrr a statue
errr a statue

Penny took this photo, there were quite a few statues around, which are tokens of appreciation, as you can tell the birds don 't feel the same way.
2 of the 3 famous bridges2 of the 3 famous bridges
2 of the 3 famous bridges

The three bridges are famous in Ljubljana, here's a shot with one on each side...
The elusive 3rd BridgeThe elusive 3rd Bridge
The elusive 3rd Bridge

And the last of the three bridges
I sssssssee youI sssssssee you
I sssssssee you

Penny spotted this little fellow, how cute is he? He's tiny and hopefully non venemous.
The Grad (Castle)The Grad (Castle)
The Grad (Castle)

A shot from Ljubljana Castle
Zvone and IZvone and I
Zvone and I

Me and my dad's cousin Zvone, thanks for everything Zvone and Nusa!

After all the action in Ljubljana Moose and Bruce were gubbed.

Some of the rebuilt monuments that have incorporated some of the Roman ruins
The SausageThe Sausage
The Sausage

Kranski Klabassa, boiled in a pot with half water and half red wine...Penny loved these sausages! In fact, she loved pretty much all the food my dad's family made us!
Uros and IUros and I
Uros and I

My dad's cousin Uros who made us feel very welcome.
Urosh and FamilyUrosh and Family
Urosh and Family

Uros and all his family, what a great bunch of folk I'm happy to say I'm related to!

Igor, Usa and Uta, it was great to get an ice cream...and a beer with them. Especially since they're in the middle of major renovations of their home...whew, Pen and I know what that feels like!
Uta (Saint)Uta (Saint)
Uta (Saint)

Little Uta, who after an ice cream became much less shy!

7th June 2009

Hmmm, I'm thinking about trying out that sausage recipe with my tofu dogs....yum. Love the photos guys.

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