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September 17th 2007
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The Dragon guarding Zmajski MostThe Dragon guarding Zmajski MostThe Dragon guarding Zmajski Most

also known as the Dragon Bridge
As we mentioned in our last blog we decided to do a short day trip to Slovenia and its capital, Ljubljana.

Since we already had the train tickets we just showed up at the train station in Zagreb, grabbed a quick breakfast and then jumped on our train early to be able to get seats together.

Luckily we managed to get two seats next to each other, in a cabin that we shared with another Australian couple. We started to chat with them and it turned out they were on their honeymoon and visiting a few European countries. Of course we had to start swapping a bit of information about this place, that hotel etc...

After a few minutes we noticed that the train should have left 10min ago.... we couldn't see what was the hold up but there was a big group of mormons on the station saying goodyes. 25min past the scheduled departure time we finally left Zagreb.

The train ride was very quick since we spent it all chatting away with the other couple...

Once we reached Ljubljana we said our goodbyes and departed our seperate ways. Suz and I started along

on the train!
Resljeva cesta and made our way towards the old section of town. Since we saw a few dark clouds closing in we decided to visit the castle first...

But, we needed a bit of food first, so after we crossed the Dragon Bridge and before we started our climb to the castle we decided to just grab a Burek... and to be honest, it was actually by far the best Burek we've had on our trips so far!

And climbing to get to the castle.... Nah, we took the funicular!

As we reached the top and entered the castle we started feeling the first small drops of water... rain was on its way!

So we climbed into the viewing tower to get a good view over the city, and since it was included in the entry cost we sat through a 20min 3D history lesson on Ljubljana and its castle. We looked like fools with the glasses and headphones on, but it was quite interesting...

Once we were done with the history lesson we made our way up to the viewing tower and while we were there some heavy rain started falling down on us so we made our way back inside in a hurry.

We made our way back down to the Dragon Bridge and stood there wondering what to do....

We had the option of either catching a train back to Zagreb in an hour or we could wait and catch one in 4 hours. Since the rain was still falling we just decided to cut the day short.... not much to do when the weather is against you!

So, we got back on the train and headed back to Zagreb, this time we spent more time admiring the country side we were riding through and it's really beautiful with a few small towns here and there. The mist surrounding the mountains gave the whole area a very eery look as well.

Eventually we passed the boarder control, I showed my EU passport and got it straight back, Suz handed hers over and the immigration lady kept looking at it, talking on her walkie talkie and looking at Suz.

We were starting to wonder if she would get her passport back, then after several minutes the lady just handed it to her and said "thank you". A bit
Yes, it's trueYes, it's trueYes, it's true

Slovenia has just joined the EU
weird but at least she got it back....

Ljubljana seemed to be quite a nice little town, we're not quite sure... At least we were given a quick history on the city and some of its sights. So the next time we're in the area we might know what to expect.

All in all, it was a good day trip... sure, we didn't see that much of the city itself, but we met some nice people and got a quick introduction to the city. We will be back at some point, and that time we will leave the rain behind!


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Suz is ordering breakfastSuz is ordering breakfast
Suz is ordering breakfast

...how about some Burek?
Ljubljanski gradLjubljanski grad
Ljubljanski grad

The Ljubljana Castle
We look so cool!We look so cool!
We look so cool!

Getting ready to see a 3D presentation

as seen from the castle
Same citySame city
Same city

different view
The castleThe castle
The castle

seen from the viewing tower
Found a cuteFound a cute
Found a cute

baby Dragon
Rain and more rainRain and more rain
Rain and more rain

We choose the worst day for a day trip
But at least I got myBut at least I got my
But at least I got my

Coconut Magnum
Time to leaveTime to leave
Time to leave

and head back to Croatia
"Yes, I got it back!!""Yes, I got it back!!"
"Yes, I got it back!!"

Relieved to have her passport back
Crossing the borderCrossing the border
Crossing the border

between Slovenia and Croatia

27th June 2010

i think it is very intresting. Now i want to go there.

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