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August 12th 2010
Published: August 12th 2010
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1: Car Train 95 secs
I just couldnt go over another narrow, winding mountain pass. Every slovenian we met, told us that the drive to Bohinj over the mountain pass - is difficult and hard. When we were rafting our guide had asked us if we were taking the "car train" to Bohinj? Of course my ears picked up when I heard car train- finally an answer to my problem. Well sure enough there is a car train. You drive your car on to the car carriage, you sit in the car and an hour later (compared to the 2 1/2 hours it would take by car) your'e at Bohinj. I was sure it would cost us at least 80 euro but, we had a fun ride for the price of 12.50
On our first day we drove to Bled,which is beautiful but it was extremely touristy so we took a boat ride to the Island in the middle of the lake and then quickly went back to Lake Bohinj which has a lot of people but the energies were relaxed and quiet. We rode around the lake which was a lot of fun- felt very grateful to our friend TUVIA who taught all we know
Hay ShwarmaHay ShwarmaHay Shwarma

every time I saw these hay stacks I felt like I needed to eat some Shwarma
in mountain biking, climbed up to another waterfall and just started getting mentally ready to reenter life as we know it.
So thanks to everyone for sharing our trip with us as you can see we just loved Slovenia- praying for a safe trip home and maybe some rain .. i have definitely gotten use to this cool rain every day.

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Car trainCar train
Car train

you stay in the car as you ride "over the river and through the woods"

Its very touristy
Riding our Bike?Riding our Bike?
Riding our Bike?

We rode around Bohinj. It was great but there were places we had to walk our bike,

River that feeds into Bohinj

the water comes through the mountain.
We were suppose to count the StairsWe were suppose to count the Stairs
We were suppose to count the Stairs

my knee was missing its cartlidge

12th August 2010

Hi, so you finish your trip and we finish our vacation. That was very nice every morning to go to Europe with you. As I told you, you have to write a book. I am happy you had such a good time. I am happy you shared with us. I hope you are full of energy for the new year. Shabatt shalom Hedva
12th August 2010

blowin' in the wind
My hair was blowin' in the wind while watching your car train video - thanks... I also felt my hands were clammy from the heights. - Thanks for the virtual vacation with you guys. I had a blast!

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