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Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec June 14th 2019

Today was our day of adrenaline-filled activities! We started the day with some white-water rafting with TOP rafting (conveniently where we were staying!).The three of us were joined by three lads, also travelling around on their holidays & we got two instructors as one was in training. After getting kitted out & being shown the basics on dry land we carried the boat down the stream by the TOP base and into the Soča river. I managed to bagsie one of the "tiger" spots at the front of the raft! After some practice in calm water and a bit of a swim in the river (to practice pulling mates back into the boat!) we tried our hands at the rapids (up to grade III)! With a couple of stops, once to paddle up a stream & ... read more
Zipline fun!
Evening drinks
It's a better way to get down than walking!

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec August 25th 2012

We chugged through the outer suburbs of the industrial end of Verona following the Garmin’s instructions to the motorway. The Italian motorway has a speed limit of 130kph so we were soon whisking our way towards Ljubljana in Slovenia. Motorway driving was fairly boring but efficient so we covered 220kms in quick time. We chose to enter Slovenia via the adventure town of Soča so this meant getting off the motorway. The Garmin led us onto increasingly narrow roads and through little Italian villages. We stopped on the edge of a pretty village by a stream to eat the lunch Eileen had prepared earlier. I was wondering if this was really the road to Slovenia and would we be able to enter or be turned back by a dead end! We continued on the road, virtually ... read more
Crystal clear river
Promise of the climb to come
Slovenia Vršič pass 2

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec June 11th 2012

En partant de Bled, nous n'en croyons pas nos yeux: du soleil et un ciel clair! Tant mieux, parce nous allons dans les montagnes. Peu longtemps après notre départ, nous commençons à apercevoir de superbes montagnes aux sommets enneigés, wow! Avant de continuer, j'aimerais vous faire part, chers 6 lecteurs, de mes observations sur la conduite dans cette partie du monde: - C'est inévitable, il finit toujours par y avoir soit une Audi, une Mercedes ou une BMW qui roule dans mon c*l. Il finisse toujours par me dépasser, mais en attendant de pouvoir le faire, ils roulent tellement près de moi que je me demande si nos voitures ont fusionné ensemble. - Sur les autoroutes, il faut faire très attention quand on fait un dépassement, même si on a l'impression qu'il n'y a personne derrière, ... read more
Vrsic pass.
Alpes juliennes,  Slovénie
Alpes juliennes, Slovénie

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec June 17th 2011

Day 27 & 28, 16th & 17th June Lepena Day 27 Assault on Mount Krn We set off early and start our hike uphill at 700m. The Triglav National Park itineraries are simply marked by a red circle painted on rocks and trees along the way and therefore with the aid of a map navigation is reasonably simple. The terrain is rocky and the Dolomitic white limestone rocks scatter the ground beneath the beech and spruce trees. It is as if God has thrown a handful of large white boulders down the pathway, scattering them and breaking them up on the way. As a result of these boulders and shingle the going is pretty tough – apart from the uphill we had to concentrate on where to put our feet! Rest assured, dear reader, we were ... read more
Mountain Hut 1385
Aqualegia growing at 1400m
The farm at 1400m

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec June 16th 2011

Days 25 & 26, 14th & 15th June Rovinj – Lepena, Soca Valley, Slovenia Isn’t it amazing that you can be breakfasting overlooking the Adriatic and then by supper time be sitting beside a mountain river surrounded by the most extraordinary Alpine scenery? We continually marvel at how quickly we can change surroundings and cultures. Slovenia: Ok, guys, who has been to Slovenia? I suspect, not that many of you. Time to change all that! This has to be the ‘find’ of the trip; so far it is the jewel in the crown. We have to thank Milly (Rob’s girlfriend) for suggesting we include this stunning little country in our itinerary. Milly has climbed the highest Mountain in Slovenia – Triglav – and as such can be counted as a Slovene. For this mountain is the ... read more
Lippizaner stallions
Going into the Julian Alps
First view of the Soca River in Julian Alps

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec August 9th 2010

As we were driven, by a 21 year old driver with some slovenian irish folk music on the radio we found ourselves once again going down another narrow mountain road at the speed of 80 km. As we raced passed the trees I could only laugh how yesterday going on a similar road at the speed of 10 km I was terrified and on the verge of a total meltdown. Jeff threw me a look that meant "this is our last look before we fall into the ravine" or he was about to kill me for driving him so crazy yesterday while I looked totally relaxed as we weaved and waved through this new forest. Today we decided to do some serious white water rafting on the Soca river. In our raft was our guide , ... read more
true love 2
This isn't a bear but a dog
A memory of a ski resort

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec May 26th 2007

After 4 really enjoyable days in Budapest it was time to move to our next to Lbuljana, stay overnight there, pick up a car the next morning and drive into to the Slovenian countryside to Bovec. Well fair to say things didnt start off too well. As it turned out we incorrectly assumed that the train would leave from the main station, Keleti the same one we arrived at 4 days earlier from Bratislava. This was not the case. Upon presenting our tickets we were told that the train to Slovenia left from another station across the other side of town. After a mild panic attack ( Glenn is so good in a crisis) we hailed a cab and made a mad dash across town with a cab dirver who insisted on pointnig out all ... read more
Lake at Tolmin
The Dobra Villa
Slalom course @ Bovec

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec May 15th 2007

Ah, the first, --and most ignored--, words of Italian I learnt in Italy. Actually, now I can say that I have truly rounded my knowledge of Italian Nouns. I have fifty or so for dining out, still my five medical words (does capella count?), and now I know about a hundred to do with religious icons. Round up of Italy: If I see another mediaval fresco of Madonna Col Bambino, I will scream. The Grotta Gigante at Trieste was fun: I spent the entire time entertaining (and being entertained by) a six year old girl who wouldn't shut up. I don't even know is she knew I didn't speak Italian. And she wouldn't've cared. Coffe in Italy isn't neccesarily good. Just because it is Italian, doesn't mean it was good. I had burnt coffee in ... read more
what the?
More Churches...

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral » Bovec September 2nd 2006

Well, writing about a STAG do is a little taboo. Suffice to say we had an excellent weekend. Sampled the amazing Slovenian Alps around Bovec, canyoning and hydrospeeding and a little drinking and eating. I recommend the Pink Panter (not a typo) night club! We also spent an excellent two nights in the capital, Llubjiana. A beautiful city, compact but with everything on offer for culture hungry STAGS. We stayed in a hostle that used to be a prison. A very individual place with quirky rooms and in an area full of arty people and buildings! Much more interesting than a travel lodge! Obviously we spent time walking around the city - went to the castle and were lucky enough to see a medieval parade. Over the weekend we had literally no sleep and returned exhausted. ... read more
Our Hotel
Watersport the order of the Day

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