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Europe » Slovenia » Prekmurje August 1st 2017

To the most northeast part of Slovenia is about 2h away from Ljubljana (with a car). It is located near the border with Hungary and Austria, on the right bank of the Mura River. Prekmurje is a flatland hilly area where it mainly deals with agriculture and viticulture. Our first goal was Vinarium. The navigation device led us across the hills, past the vineyards, along the narrow path, where the encounter with the opposite car would be very uncomfortable. When we arrived to Vinarium, we noticed that a nice asphalt road led from the other side. Anyway, we've experienced this diverse green landscape at least from the close. Vinarium is a 53.5m high viewing tower from where there is a really good view of the surrounding area. On the ground floor there is a buffet and ... read more
Salvador Dali

Europe » Slovenia » Prekmurje » Murska Sobota July 16th 2012

Mitja & Judit's wedding went beautifully. It really was quite a oppertunity to be part of. We started around noon with lunch followed by wedding pictures and a goodbye to parents & family time. At 3:00pm we were able to go to the state wedding. At 4:00pm started the church wedding, followed by reception and more food, games, food, dancing, food. The food was amazing!! meatball souop, fried chicken, fried turkey, roastbeef, potatoes, grilled chicken, hotdogs, salads, french fries, ice cream, deserts, 3 chocolate fountains with fruit and cookies. They brought out the wedding cakes around 11pm and some more food after that :)we didn't go hungry. Now we are in Budapest and will be sightseeing and shopping for 2 days before flying home on Wed. Morning.... read more
Mitja & Judit
Candy stand

Europe » Slovenia » Prekmurje » Murska Sobota July 12th 2012

We have been busy helping make decorations, cookies and setting up for Mitja & Judit's wedding... here are a few photos from our trip to Slovenia yesterday and wedding preparations today.... read more
Ashley ready to go!
matching t-shirts

Europe » Slovenia » Prekmurje » Murska Sobota October 14th 2009

My next destination was another couchsurfer in another tiny village, Hodos, Slovenia. Their names are Ivo and Megy. I had emailed Ivo and asked for their address and he told me ‘7’. I figured there was a bit of a language gap and he didn’t understand my request. So I emailed him again and he assured me that his address was 7, Hodos. He was right! The town was so small that they didn’t use street numbers. They just gave each address in the village it’s own number. I think the biggest address I saw in my three days there was 64. Ivo and Megy were originally from the city. They each had been divorced and met each other online. They fell in love and moved to Hodos. Again I was blown away by the generosity ... read more
Where Slovenia, Hungary and Austria meet
Ivo, me and Megy
Grandma out in the fields

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