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Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » Presov January 24th 2012

I should have guessed it wasn’t going to be my day when I balanced my sunglasses on my head in Levoca and then smashed them in half getting onto the bus. The day was planned to be one of life’s rites of passage – going to see my first football match in Europe. I had identified Tatran Presov v Artmedia Petrzalka as the occasion for this event. In anticipation, on arrival in Presov, I checked into the most expensive hotel in town – nearly £20 for an unrivalled view of Tesco. I spotted posters on lamp-posts advertising the game and walked the route from hotel to ground. The only decision now was how to fill the 24 hours until the match. But first a late-afternoon snooze. When I woke at about 6, I put on the ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras January 16th 2012

The snow began to fall when we were about half an hour shy of the Slovakian border. The falling snowflakes made the darkened landscape look surreal and dreamlike as they fell softly onto the windshield. I was hypnotised, but only until I realised that snow down here meant deep snow in the High Tatras. Having grown up in Australia, snow is a novelty that turns me into a 5 year old with ADHD. There is of course snow in Australia but seeing it usually requires a minimum 2 hour drive into the mountains. My excitement grew as the road rose and fell over the three small mountain passes that stood between us and Poprad. We made slow progress on serpentine roads that wound through snow covered pine forests, the only source of light coming from ... read more
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Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava January 10th 2012

Well this marks my last official night in Germany, and naturally I'm spending it sitting in a hostel, ever so slightly lost in thought. When I know exactly what this has all meant, it might end up here, but you'll have to forgive me if I place an emphasis on maybe concluding my ramblings on the past month or so. since writing about Istanbul would take a small thesis worth or writing, let's chat Bratislava. Right, so after Budapest I moved on to Bratislava using a Hungarian bus line, which was actually really nice. Not only did they help me get a transfer when the bus I was on cancelled, but they actually had a movie playing. In this case it was children of men, so maybe it wasn't the happiest of rides, and especially landing ... read more
local tastes
The Cliffs of Insanity!

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » New Town November 13th 2011

Well where do I begin? In september I went on seminar with AIESEC so I could go abroad with them for an internship because I taught that before I settle and get an office job I should travel some more (I was never the one who could be at one place without moving too long). And about a month ago I got matched through AIESEC database with the Plant a Tree foundation in Bangkok. My first taught amazing Iam going to move to Bangkok but next morning my reaction was Bangkok really????? What have I got myself into. I rearch internet for the needed vaccinations and when I found out what I need I was like hell no - I already feel like pin- cusion :( So to this date I had 4 vaccinations - typhoid, ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Podunajsko Region October 14th 2011

KOMÁROM Októberben iskolánk diákjai ellátogattak a Duna túloldalán levő történelmi városba, a dicső múltú Komáromba. Sétájuk útvonala a következő volt: I. Nádor utca • Szent József kápolna, a volt ispotály barokk kápolnája. (Palatinova ul. – Nádor utca) • Lehár Ferenc szobra • Szerb templom (Istenanya) • A szecessziós volt Grand kávéház és szálló • A volt komáromi Takarékpénztár , legszebb szecessziós épület II. Nádor utca • Magyar Kultúra és Duna Mente Múzeum • Jókai Mór szobra • Volt jezsuita kollégium • Szent András katolikus templom, barokk • A volt adóhivatal romantikus stílusú épülete III. Megye utca (Ul. Zupná) • Zichy palota, átalakított kúria • Szentháromság szobor (Emlék a Rákóczy szabadságharcnak 1703, és a pestis járványnak 1709-11) • Európa udvar (45 ... read more
Európa udvar 1
Európa udvar 2

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava October 13th 2011

So it’s off to Bratislava. Firstly I will admit, although I knew that Bratislava would be nothing like it appears on Eurotrip, that movie is still the primary reason I came here. I sad goodbye to Sal and Corrina at the train station which was really sad as they were heading to Salisbury. So I get on the train and I’m sharing the cabin with this Polish girl, and for the next 2 and a half hour trip we talked and talked and talked. About everything, religion, history, politics, war, traditions, people, travels, it was really an amazing time, and she was really an awesome chick. Milana I think her name was. I had been having one of the best trips anywhere but it was one of those things where you walk away knowing you’ll never ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region » Kosice October 4th 2011

Beste familie, kennissen, oud-collega´s en vrienden Deze blog is alleen voor jullie bestemd. Op het ogenblik zijn we nog in Kosice in Slowakije. We hebben hier twee maanden op het huis van Vlado, Linda´s vader, gepast. Vlado was intussen in Alaska. Afgelopen week hebben we hem opgehaald in Boedapest. We hebben onze tijd hier goed besteed. Linda heeft een cursus gedaan, zodat ze overal in Europa als ziekenverzorgster kan werken. Deze Vrijdag doet ze examen. Ik heb aan ons boek gewerkt. Elke dag heb ik zitten schrijven van 9 uur ´s ochtends tot 5 uur ´s middags. Ik had het al klaar willen hebben, maar het gaat toch nog wel een maandje duren. In de weekenden hebben we gewandeld in de prachtige natuur rond Kosice. Vanaf dat we hier waren is het mooi weer geweest en ... read more
Linda´s familie

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town September 27th 2011

As per usual we arrived at the train station in the dark, and made our way to what would be the most luxurious accommodation of the trip at the Apollo Hotel. Of course I wouldn't expect anything less from Kristin, our next travel companion from London, who was waiting patiently for us in our room. We enjoyed a happy reunion over a fresh cup of complimentary coffee, while scoffing the complimentary chocolate from atop our pillows and stuffing all the complimentary soaps & shampoos into my toiletry bag. There actually doesn't seem to be a hell of a lot to see in the capital of Slovakia, so we took a leisurely stroll through the typically charming old town, buying ice cream and perusing the markets along the way. While Budapest seemed to have a perpetual social ... read more
One of many statues skulking around the place
We meet the Danube River again
Walking to the Old Town

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » Zdiar September 26th 2011

After the feast of sport helped time fly even faster, I wasn’t long before I was sauntering out of the office with a smug grin as people muttered ‘3 weeks off?! But he has only just started! Lucky b%stard!’. In leaving, I also left behind my Kensal Rise flat for the last time as Ben is becoming a grown up and moving in with his girlfriend. Well done that man! I got to the airport without any problems and first stop: Krakow. I found my hostel, dumped my backpack and went exploring. Wow. Krakow is beautiful. The old town with the main square (the largest in Europe so I am told) was truly stunning. I took several photos and was already looking forward to coming back here with Leah, Rachelle and Clay in a couple of ... read more
Krakow at night #2
Tatras Mountains Hike #1
Tatras Mountains Hike #2

Europe » Slovakia September 23rd 2011

Friends from Yorkshire joined us in Zakopane. On our final day, we woke to heavy mist. Will it clear? Maybe, they said, maybe not. Undaunted, we headed for the mountain lift which was ominously quiet. What did everybody else know? The car slowly climbed through thicker and thicker mist and then popped out into a sunny day with mountain peaks all around. We spent the rest of the morning walking on the border mountain ridge (left foot in Slovakia, right foot in Poland) enjoying wonderful views of mountains all around. We descended back to catch a late bus into Slovakia proper and to the village of Stary Smokovec, tucked against the High and White Tatras. Stary Smokovec seems to be really a ski resort, with a mixture of old wooden building, ageing huge soviet-era hotels and ... read more
Slovakia left, Poland right
Steep descent
Mountain tarn

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