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March 13th 2006
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Somewhere In Slovakia....
It has been a while since I last updated this because we don't have many opportunities to check our email. Now that I am at an internet cafe, the keyboard is sticking but I will try to write a quick update. After spending 5 weeks in Poland we are now in Slovkia (but I am not sure the name of the city).
Here is a quick overview since last time:
- Poor Talitha got sick again and was out a few concerts but is now dancing again with her restored health!
- Dora's knee is still not healed she hasn't been able to dance at all since she hurt it. Keep praying!
- We had a concert at a cinema and had to get out really fast at the end because a movie was about to start.
- I still have a splinter in my rear!
- Dina prayed for a girl whose wrist was instantly healed! Praise God!
- We've spoken in churches and schools. We even stayed in a castle a couple of nights. It was pretty but a little breezy. (Elim Christian Center in Poland) The pastor of that church is Australian.
- I have a talent for finding all of the cozy coffee shops. And I have gone to many cute
- We had a concert at the second biggest church in Poland. I only danced 4 of the dances though because I spent the whole previous night in the bathroom throwing up with a fevor and I was still nausious during the concert. I am not sure what it was or why but thank God it only lasted 24 hours.
- We had some days off so some of us went to Aushwitz. I didn't have any overwhelmin feelings but I think it is because my mind doesn't really grasp what happened there. Both the amount of people who were there and the horrific things that ocurred are beyond my understanding. I can't even begin to imagine that a person can treat another human like that.
- I went to a Solarium with Karoline because it was "Woman's day" (we don't have that day in the US but we should start) and it was half off. For 15 minutes in the tanning bed I paid about 1.30 dollars. Then that night we dressed up cute (me in my new jeans) and went to a cute cafe.
- During one of our songs we each have props and in one dance one of the girls has a soccer ball. I never know what might happen with that ball. Just a few nights ago she hit me in the head with it during the dance. Somehow I kept from laughing.
- Dina and I prayed for a woman who was depressed with suicidal tendencies. We prayed for another woman who has schizophrenic paranoia. We saw the second woman a couple of days latter and she said since we prayed for her she has been doing much better. Dina is going to check in with her againin a couple of weeks.
- On another off day I had the pleasure of putting the first dent/scratch in our lovely tour van. I felt so bad about it but we'll get it fixed and itwill be good as new, hopefully! I guess I misjuded how close the pole was and how long our van is! I will be much more careful from now on.

Okay that is a quick update. HOpefully I will have the opportunity to add picture later. Love and miss y'all!!!!

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13th March 2006

You stayed in a castle, that's awesome!!! Can't wait to hear all your stories when you get back. :)
15th March 2006

The JR USA team is staying with me this week. You and your parents were a topic of conversation a couple of days ago. You are thought about here in Austin...and definetely not forgoten. I would be great to have you share a bit of what God is doing to GT20 next time you're back. Blessings, Sean

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