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Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 19th 2023

My final objective in the Tatras was to cross a pair of high saddles (Priečne Sedlo and Prielom) located either side of the mountain refuge of Zbojnicka Chata, where I had managed to secure a bed for the Monday night. Given that both saddles sit over 2200m high at the top of steep climbs featuring the use of extended sections of fixed chains, I had wisely decided not to attempt the route with my full pack - nor in bad weather - so upon returning to the campground in Tatranska Štrba on Sunday evening I paid for three nights, so that I could leave my tent set up (with backpack inside) while I tackled the route fast and light with just my daypack over the following two days. Originally the weather forecast had predicted possible thunderstorms ... read more
Valley Views
Out with the Old; In with the New
Little Cold Valley

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 13th 2023

The Tatras are a compact mountain range that forms part of the border between Poland and Slovakia. Although looking much like the Alps in miniature, the Tatras are actually a northwestern extension of the Carpathian Mountains, that form an arc through Eastern Europe. Sub-divided into three separate ranges (the White, High and Western Tatras) they are a chain of rugged mountains topped with jagged peaks, rising up to 2654m in height. And best of all, they are easy to explore - not only is there a complex network of hiking routes snaking throughout the mountains on both sides of the border, but as with numerous other mountainous areas in Europe there is also a series of mountain huts placed in strategic (and often downright beautiful) locations, allowing people the opportunity to walk from hut to hut ... read more
Nearing the top
Twin Peaks
Mountainous Backdrop

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras June 2nd 2013

April 8, 2012. We drove from Ostrava to Slovakia and as we passed through the mountains around the border area, it started to snow. The forests were so beautiful. As we descended, it stopped snowing. There was a statue on top of a mountain in the distance and my friend said that is Radegast, a Slavik god. We passed by the new Strečno castle and the old Strečno castle, both are ruins. We stopped by the Bešeňová spa and it was €9 for 2 hrs. I went into every pool and there was a classical group performing live (a small string orchestra with piano, guitar, singers, etc). We stayed in Poprad with a family and they had a traditional fireplace in the middle of the living room which did not have the usual glazed ceramic on ... read more
4x4 m2 houses

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras January 16th 2012

The snow began to fall when we were about half an hour shy of the Slovakian border. The falling snowflakes made the darkened landscape look surreal and dreamlike as they fell softly onto the windshield. I was hypnotised, but only until I realised that snow down here meant deep snow in the High Tatras. Having grown up in Australia, snow is a novelty that turns me into a 5 year old with ADHD. There is of course snow in Australia but seeing it usually requires a minimum 2 hour drive into the mountains. My excitement grew as the road rose and fell over the three small mountain passes that stood between us and Poprad. We made slow progress on serpentine roads that wound through snow covered pine forests, the only source of light coming from ... read more
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Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras » Strbské Pleso July 15th 2011

Happily the bus from Zakopane, Poland to Poprad, Slovakia showed up on time but there was a huge traffic jam on the way to the border as apparently the road to the border is shared with one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Zakopane area, the lake Morskie Oko. The traffic jam wasn't stop and go; it was more like stop and stop. Luckily the bus passed the jammed part of the road and it delivered me at Poprad Aquacity water park, and the first thing I did after checking into my hotel was head back to the water park. This isn't really a Kapolei-style water park. It doesn't have nearly as many different types of attractions and the water slides are lame. It's more about relaxation and there are a number of thermal ... read more
more hiking
Strbske Pleso
Aquacity Poprad

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras » Strbské Pleso April 3rd 2011

One little nugget of comedy from that horrible day at Demänovská Dolina last summer has been itching ever since, which was during my conversation on the train with the hung over Leeds United fans who had come to see Leeds play Košice, when I told them "I really want to go climb a mountain today", to which one of them gestured listlessly towards the perennially majestic backdrop of the High Tatras and replied "there's enough o' them round 'ere". I had never been to the High Tatras, with no real reason or motivation to go as well as the constant fear-mongering of locals in Prague about people dying there. Last weekend, I suddenly had a realisation that my life was the most boring thing ever, spending all day on a couch teaching people (or waiting for ... read more
Strbske Pleso
Bystra Lavka

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 30th 2010

July 30th Sad, Sad day my last day in Zdiar, Slovakia. Going to miss the Moneky so much and all the ones inside of it. July 31th For the first time in 12 days I had to set my alarm to "early o'clock". I paid my bill and got my free t-shirt for staying way to long (but no long enough) and said my sad goodbyes. I had missed the bus but it was okay because I left alot of time before my train. After waiting half an hour another one came along. The train ride was uneventful as was the hostel. I went and ventured into my first Tesco which kind of sucked but I did find some leggings and all the other stuff on my list. I was very tired so I made a ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 28th 2010

Today was the day I fianlly decided to take on the XXL pizza challenge, wellin the end I didn't have much of a choice because I told Martin I was thinking about it then he went and told EVERYONE that I was doing it. I eat a decent size lunch at 3:00 pm knowing that I need to strech my stomach out a bit to prepare for it. After lunch I just chilled out reading and watching movies because once again it was raining. The time has come to go to the pizzeria, thank goodness it took them an hour to finally bring my pizza because by then I was so hungary. I did awesome on the first half but then my mind caught up to my stomach and I slowed right down. The last slice ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 24th 2010

A group of us decided to go rafting on the more rapid course today, we set out around 11:00am which we should have left earlier because the best decided to come half an hour after it was suppose to making it so that we missed our connection at the train station in Poprad. We weighted out our options and found a bus that we could catch in an hour. As soon as we were on the bus Lauren (Texas) passed right out. We woke just in time to get off the bus; we had to catch two cabs since there were 8 of us. Once there the instructor handed us our wet suits ha-ha *fits like a glove* wow very tight all over, we were then giving helmets and wet booties to add to our attire. ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 23rd 2010

Today Tom and Dan left which was sad because they were great fun. I went to the post office and mailed some postcards. I wandered around the village checking it out and found a market where I bought some food as well as red hair dye. Kate was excited to dye my hair, it turned out awesome really bright and just the way I hoped it would turn out but it but I hate that red washes out so easy. The whole hostel got together and went out to the nicest resturant in town which was still pretty cheap for the amount you get. I ordered a potato pancake stuffed with chicken, pork and liver. It is such a neat thing to do and a great feeling when we all get together and do somethinglike this. ... read more

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