High Tatras

Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: 49.1661, 20.2813

We had to go into town for money and to buy food for our picnic lunch. The kids also rode the "bobsled" a couple of times -- looks like a fun way to come down the hill.

From the hotel, we walked to the base of the cable car -- no lines and no waiting to the top of the mountain. It was a fun ride up, and, given the steepness of the trail, I'm glad we decided to ride.

We had a long, four-hour hike, almost all downhill. It was lovely: across the mountain, past waterfalls, ending at our hotel. The first part of the trail was very rocky -- paved with large stones, but hard to walk on. The trails were also very crowded, with people both going up and down. We climbed some boulders near the trail and ate our picnic lunch -- the view was great, but the flies came out and were just a tad bothersome.

It rained off and on, but it would always clear quickly. After further hiking, we were down off the rocky ridge, into the forest. We stopped at a very popular warming hut. While almost everyone else enjoyed a beer, we had coffees (and used the loo).

After passing creeks and waterfalls, we turned back towards our hotel. Now, the trail became soft dirt covered in pine needles, and we had the trail to ourselves.

We return to the hotel, exhausted but happy -- then the rain starts (but doesn't last).

The kids went to town by themselves to ride the bobsleds again, and have a quick and easy dinner. Paul and I had dinner (he ordered boar) at the hotel restaurant -- very elegant setting, with the yellow walls that I somehow associate with the Hapsburgs.

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