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Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras » Strbské Pleso July 15th 2011

Happily the bus from Zakopane, Poland to Poprad, Slovakia showed up on time but there was a huge traffic jam on the way to the border as apparently the road to the border is shared with one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Zakopane area, the lake Morskie Oko. The traffic jam wasn't stop and go; it was more like stop and stop. Luckily the bus passed the jammed part of the road and it delivered me at Poprad Aquacity water park, and the first thing I did after checking into my hotel was head back to the water park. This isn't really a Kapolei-style water park. It doesn't have nearly as many different types of attractions and the water slides are lame. It's more about relaxation and there are a number of thermal ... read more
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Strbske Pleso
Aquacity Poprad

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras » Strbské Pleso April 3rd 2011

One little nugget of comedy from that horrible day at Demänovská Dolina last summer has been itching ever since, which was during my conversation on the train with the hung over Leeds United fans who had come to see Leeds play Košice, when I told them "I really want to go climb a mountain today", to which one of them gestured listlessly towards the perennially majestic backdrop of the High Tatras and replied "there's enough o' them round 'ere". I had never been to the High Tatras, with no real reason or motivation to go as well as the constant fear-mongering of locals in Prague about people dying there. Last weekend, I suddenly had a realisation that my life was the most boring thing ever, spending all day on a couch teaching people (or waiting for ... read more
Strbske Pleso
Bystra Lavka

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras » Strbské Pleso August 12th 2008

Ahojte.Tunaka som pridal par fotiek z velmi vydareneho vyletu do Tatier.Neskor este doplnim (samozrejeme so suhlasom autorov) nejake vrcholovky.Vopred dakujem za vsetky pozitivne komentare. Zatial. B.... read more
Veduci v plnej zbroji
Priprava na vystup na Rysy
Chata pod Rysmi

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras » Strbské Pleso August 29th 2007

Ian here again...seems i get the job of typing and jenny helps pick the pretty pictures!! currently in Budapest in Hungary but i believe we left you in Krakow in southern poland. Krakow was Kracking....met our first embarrasing know the type, loud obnoxious and on the pi%%....i say met..they were a few tables away but couldnt really miss them..obviously didnt associate with them!! From our rest day in Krakow we started our journey south heading for the high tatra mountains that lie on the border of Slovakia and Poland....Started to get a little lumpy whcih i think actually did us good...think you get out of the habit of doing decent sized hills and forget how hard they are with all the weight on. Zakopane is the main mountain town on the polish side of the ... read more
pizza and beers

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras » Strbské Pleso August 9th 2007

Ok guys finally got good internet access (yay for egypt!) so here are the photos i missed out from Eastern Europe. So that is for Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia & Czech Republic and then I can finally post the other blogs from Greece and Italy too so happy reading (& photo viewing too) Cheers - Loe... read more
A Mosque?
Me in Blue Mosque
Opera House in Bucharest

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