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August 9th 2007
Published: August 30th 2007
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Ok guys finally got good internet access (yay for egypt!) so here are the photos i missed out from Eastern Europe. So that is for Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia & Czech Republic and then I can finally post the other blogs from Greece and Italy too so happy reading (& photo viewing too)

Cheers - Loe

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Blue MosqueBlue Mosque
Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul with all the spires and things. Very impressive looking building.
A Mosque?A Mosque?
A Mosque?

Might be the blue mosque again or perhaps the Isophia thing-a-me-bob? Unfortunately it was all a little while ago now and I have seen an awful lot of buildings since then.
Me in Blue MosqueMe in Blue Mosque
Me in Blue Mosque

This is inside the Blue Mosque. It was quite impressive looking but unfortunately smelt (very badly) of funky feet - shoes have to be taken off and there is carpet so very stinky.
Opera House in BucharestOpera House in Bucharest
Opera House in Bucharest

This was in Bucharest, they had some absolutely beautiful buildings (such as this) mixed in with really ugly soviet block buildings - made for an interesting looking city. I loved Romania!
My group water logged in BucharestMy group water logged in Bucharest
My group water logged in Bucharest

My tour group drowning as we wandered the streets. Sophie (tour leader), me, Lauren, Mandy, Rick, Lynne, Dania, Kathleen, Fiona and Bridgit, Raissa and Marie in front.
Statue of Vlad the ImpalerStatue of Vlad the Impaler
Statue of Vlad the Impaler

Vlad the Impaler is who Bram Stoker based his character Dracula. Not really a vampire but a pretty scary man anyways who like to poke sticks into people!
Carpathian MountainsCarpathian Mountains
Carpathian Mountains

Carpathians are where some people think that vampires originated but obviously they are confused because they started in ireland ... mwahaha that cross is absolutely huge up a really big hill!
Brasov (Transylvania)Brasov (Transylvania)
Brasov (Transylvania)

Me & Raissa in Brasov. Absolutely gorgeous place (love the "hollywood" style sign) had a great time here.
Us Brasov (Transylvania)Us Brasov (Transylvania)
Us Brasov (Transylvania)

Some of us up the hill next to the Brasov sign. No we didn't walk up - there was a cable car.
Artistic shot(Transylvania)Artistic shot(Transylvania)
Artistic shot(Transylvania)

Did a day of the castles and citadels from medieval times. Check out my awesome T-Shirt! I am sooo cool!
Me & Raissa (Transylvania)Me & Raissa (Transylvania)
Me & Raissa (Transylvania)

The mountains and scenery here was just soooo beautiful
Bram Stokers Castle (Transylvania)Bram Stokers Castle (Transylvania)
Bram Stokers Castle (Transylvania)

Ok this is the castle the movie was based on (Vlad the Impaler was here for a while) but basically it has all been redone in last couple hundred years (recently for these parts I guess) so not scary at all ... bummer!
Church in BudapestChurch in Budapest
Church in Budapest

The famous one in middle of town on the Pest side. helpful at all? nah didn't think so :-)
Us in front of palace on Buda sideUs in front of palace on Buda side
Us in front of palace on Buda side

The five of us (3 Irish girls Cathleen,Bridg and Fiona, Raissa from Brazil and me) we hung out a lot together on this trip. They were great fun!
Hungarian Wine TastingHungarian Wine Tasting
Hungarian Wine Tasting

Not a big wine drinker personally but might have had one or two. It was hilarious (can't beat the W.A wines of course) but we had a good night.
High Tetras SlovakiaHigh Tetras Slovakia
High Tetras Slovakia

Nice big mountains that I didn't have to hike in so good fun. Beautiful place though.
Going for a gentle stroll SlovakiaGoing for a gentle stroll Slovakia
Going for a gentle stroll Slovakia

Near a waterfall up in the mountains (caught the fernicular up)
Czech RepublicCzech Republic
Czech Republic

Palace in Prague. The city was really beautiful - as cool as it seems on movies too.
Prague CityPrague City
Prague City

Really beautiful. It rained a lot while we were there so bit of a bummer.
Me & Raissa Me & Raissa
Me & Raissa

At our last group dinner in Prague. You will notice I am drinking beer (when I don't really drink beer) because it was cheaper than a glass of coke! figure that one out will ya! Had a nice time in Eastern Europe - Romania most of all.

30th August 2007

Awesome photos.
30th August 2007

BTW - love the " I *heart* translyvannia" t-shirt. Totally cool.

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